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In a post-GitHub world, it is no longer sufficient for a software foundation to offer just a software repo, mailing list, and website: we need to offer an enhanced set of services that facilitates increased adoption. You should host your project with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) because:


  • A neutral home for your project increases the willingness of developers from other companies and independent developers to collaborate, contribute, and become committers.
  • Endorsement by leading cloud native architects of the CNCF’s Technical Oversight Committee is an independent signal of the quality of your project.
  • You get priority access to the $20 million CNCF Community Cluster, a 1,000 server deployment of state-of-the-art Intel servers housed at the Supernap Switch facility in Las Vegas. We encourage you to do large-scale integration testing before releases, as well as testing experimental approaches and the scalability impact of pull requests.
  • We provide engagement with the CNCF’s End User Board of leading companies doing cutting-edge cloud native deployments.
  • You will have control over a substantial annual budget (currently ~$20 K) to improve your project documentation.
  • Your existing committers still control your project, and we just ask that you have a neutral, unbiased process for resolving conflicts and deciding on new committers and moving existing ones to emeritus status.


  • You can work with our full-time press relations and analyst relations teams to increase awareness of and excitement about your project.
  • Receive regular reports on press mentions and comparisons to similar projects.
  • CNCF is able to leverage the expertise of its parent organization, The Linux Foundation, which hosts other successful projects including the Linux kernel, Let’s Encrypt, and Node.js. For example, CNCF arranged a collaboration between Kubernetes developers and Linux Foundation fellow and stable kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman to discuss high-velocity software development techniques.
  • You will have access to full-time CNCF staff who are eager to assist your project in myriad ways and help make it successful.
  • We will include you in the CNCF marketing demo, where we are demonstrating all CNCF projects working together with real workloads on multiple public clouds and the CNCF Community Cluster. This open source demo can also serve as a boilerplate for users looking to get started with your project.


  • Our world-class events team will create a track or custom conference for your project at our CloudNativeCon/KubeCon events around the world, bringing together developers and users. 2017 events will take place in at least North America, Europe, China, and Japan.
  • We can also help run events targeted specifically at your project (like PromCon or PrometheusDay), and/or be a sponsor at those events.
  • We have travel funding available for your non-corporate-backed developers and to increase attendance of women and other underrepresented minorities.
  • We will connect you to our worldwide network of Cloud Native meetup groups and ambassadors to raise awareness of your project. We will also help sponsor meetup groups dedicated to your project so food and beverages can be provided.
  • We will feature your project in the Cloud Native Roadshows we will be doing to interested developers and end users in dozens of cities around the world in 2017.

To apply, please send an email as described in this process.

Open TOC Meetings

The Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) has a Github page (, public meetings, and a mailing list.

Graduation Criteria

The CNCF has added a new inception level of projects to raise awareness for promising projects that are not yet mature enough to qualify for incubating or graduated stage. View the CNCF graduation criteria.