A distributed transactional key-value database. Based on the design of Google Spanner and HBase, but simpler to manage and without dependencies on any distributed filesystem

TiKV was accepted to CNCF on August 28, 2018 and is at the Graduated project maturity level.

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☀☁️ Join TiKV maintainers on May 19 for a deep dive into how they plan to improve #TiKV's service quality in the cloud, such as prioritized I/O rate limiting and a #raft engine. Learn more at #KubeCon + #CloudNativeCon Europe!

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Happy 6th birthday, TiKV! 🥳
❤️A big thank you to all contributors, adopters, and those who helped shape #TiKV into what it is today.

Thanks for your interest in TiKV! You can take a look at our case studies here: https://t.co/OYZzyRCDxL.
And feel free to join our Slack to ask more questions: https://t.co/wGipgjIi32

With billions of users generating massive amounts of data per day, @Global_SHAREit, the global internet technology company is in dire need of a strong storage engine.
Check out this blog to learn why they chose #TiKV to support their business growth:👏🔥

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Why SHAREit Selects TiKV for Data Storage for Its 2.4-Billion-User Business

Industry: Information Technology Author: Linlin Yan (Database Engineer at SHAREit Group) SHAREit Group is a global int...