A Kubernetes Native Batch System (Project under CNCF)

Volcano was accepted to CNCF on 4/10/2020 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Volcano v1.4 was released last week. Roadmap of v1.5 is calling for feedback. Don't hesitate to tell us what you want with issue. Ref: https://t.co/0LvMaFNSG4

How to make resource allocation balance among users while making use of cluster resource as high as possible? Best practice in OpenI-Octopus of Pengcheng Laboratory is a good example. More details please refer to

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OpenI-Octopus: How to Avoid Resource Preemption in Kubernetes Clusters | Volcano

Volcano use case in scientific research


How to put Volcano into practice in financial field? Ruitian gives the answer. As top private equity investment firm in China, it has more than 1 year experience on make use of Volcano helping deal with larger than 300,000 tasks per day. Ref:

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How Ruitian Used Volcano to Run Large-Scale Offline HPC Jobs | Volcano

Deep introduction about the application practice cases of Volcano in the financial field


IQIYI is top online video platform with over 500 million monthly active users and nearly 6 billion hours spent on its service. DL platform is the most important infrastructure, which supports advertising, search, recommendation, NLP and other businesses.

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iQIYI:Volcano-based Cloud Native Migration Practices | Volcano

Volcano use case in deep learning and service migration


Xiaohongshu is a leading life-sharing community in China. Popular among female users and joined by more and more trendy boys, It has more than 100 million monthly active users. This UGC community has hundreds of thousands of notes submitted every day.

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How Does Volcano Empower a Content Recommendation Engine in Xiaohongshu | Volcano

Best practice of Volcano at Xiaohongshu


As to feedback of imcomplete doc, we took some effort to fix some bugs, add introduction about actions and plugins, give examples about use with different computing frameworks, recommendations of configurations dealing with classical scenarios. Ref:

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Introduction | Volcano

A Kubernetes native system for high-performance workloads


Volcano v1.4.0-Beta has been released. The important features: support multi-scheduler, support proportion of resources for GPU nodes, support CPU NUMA-Aware scheduling, provide framework of stress test. More details refer to release note:

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Release v1.4.0-Beta · volcano-sh/volcano

What's New 1. Support multi-scheduler In Kubernetes cluster with multiple schedulers, different kinds of workloads ...