Artifact Hub

Find, install and publish Kubernetes packages

Artifact Hub was accepted to CNCF on June 25, 2020 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

Latest tweets from Artifact Hub

We are excited to see that the policies available in the @openpolicyagent Gatekeeper Library are now listed on Artifact Hub! 🤩

📢 Artifact Hub 1.10.0 has been released! 🚀

👉 Support for Gatekeeper policies
👉 Improved security report view
👉 Support for Tekton git-based versioning

and much more!

Artifact Hub is now listing more than 10k packages and 160k releases! 📈 +2k repositories of 12 different kinds have been added by the 1.5k registered organizations and 16k users. And it keeps growing everyday thanks to you! ❤️🚀

📢 Artifact Hub 1.9.0 has been released! 🚀

👉 Support for Kubewarden policies
👉 Allow jumping to named templates definition
👉 Check Kubewarden policies cosign signature

and much more!

If your organization is using the Artifact Hub software (i.e. to run their own instance internally), please consider adding it to the ADOPTERS list by submitting a pull request. Thanks! ❤️