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Crossplane was accepted to CNCF on 6/23/2020 and is at the Incubating project maturity level.

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Cloud Native Live: Universal Crossplane
Cloud Native Live: Universal Crossplane
Presented by: Upbound
Recorded: May 26, 2021

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Breaking @crossplane_io news - we have been approved as an Incubating project with the @CloudNativeFdn! This speaks volumes to the maturity and growth of the project, but even more to the amazing community that makes @crossplane_io what it is! 🔥🥳💪

Come join us at our @crossplane_io community meeting in just under 2 hours at 5pm UTC to discuss latest updates in the project and some v1.5 planning! 🔧🔥

Zoom link:
Agenda doc:

New release of the @Azure provider is live! Updates include minor bug fixes, as well as the introduction of the new "poll interval" flag, which allows users to configure how often Crossplane providers check for external drift 🚀

Crossplane v1.4 is out with a number of improvements and features, including:
- Support for CompositionRevisions
- Promotion of Lock API to v1beta1
- Configurable merge semantics in Composition patches

... and much more! See release notes for full list 🚀

Come chat about @crossplane_io issues that are important to you and the upcoming v1.4 release at the community meeting in 1.5 hours! (10am pacific / 5pm UTC)

agenda doc:

Fresh set of Crossplane patch releases just went out the door! This is the last patch for v1.1 as it will reach EOL with the release of v1.4.0 next week 🚀


Come join the @crossplane_io community meeting today in ~2 hours (10am pacific / 5pm UTC) to discuss upcoming v1.4 release and any topics on your mind!

The public voting has started on moving @crossplane_io to incubation level at the @CloudNativeFdn - please add your vote below 🗳🚀