Litmus helps SREs and developers practice chaos engineering in a Cloud-native way. Chaos experiments are published at the ChaosHub ( Community notes is at

Litmus was accepted to CNCF on 6/23/2020 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Monthly Release Announcement!

After some insightful feedback on the 2.0 release, LitmusChaos version 2.1 is out now with new enhancements as well as major & minor fixes!

Shout Out to @vfarcic for his insightful feedback!

#ChaosEngineering #CloudNative

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Release 2.1.0 · litmuschaos/litmus

New Features & Enhancements Introduces azure-disk-loss experiment, which detaches the virtual disk from an Azure i...

[Gentle Reminder]
The LitmusChaos community call, September edition starts in a few hours from now!
Sharp at 10 PM IST/ 6:30 PM CEST/ 9:30 AM PST

Here are the community notes:
Join using this link:

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VMWare Chaos has got the community's attention and is vital in moving forward the Chaos Engineering adoption story...

Community member @Adarshks_12 has authored an insightful blog explaining the VMWare VM PowerOff Experiment!
Check Out:

@VMware #DevOps

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VMware VM PowerOff Experiment for LitmusChaos

In this blog, we will be talking about VMware VM Power Off chaos Experiment for LitmusChaos.

Join the LitmusChaos Community Sync-Up call this Wednesday, the 15th of September.
at 9:30 AM PST/ 6:30 PM CEST/ 10 PM IST

Maintainers & contributors share major community inputs and answer all your questions.
To get your invite, RSVP here:


The LitmusChaos community is glad to welcome its LFX Mentees for Fall'21! 🎉
Wishing @AD_Aman_Codes & @Dhananjaypuroh7 a great journey under the mentors and with the community! 🚀

@linuxfoundation @CloudNativeFdn

Missed out on the "Evolution of Chaos Engineering & LitmusChaos" with @CivoCloud at Civo's Online Meetup #12 ft. @ksatchit & @SaiyamPathak?
Worry no more!
Presenting the recording from the meetup featuring amazing explanations & a demo as well!
Check out:

A lot of folks were looking for a video tutorial pointing to What's New with LitmusChaos 2.0 and how does it improve your Chaos Engineering journey!🚀

Here it is:

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