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Flagship Site

CNCF main site logo

Visit the CNCF flagship website to learn about CNCF, its Members, Projects, Events, Case Studies, Blog and more. The source code of the site is fully open source.

Tools and Resources

CNCF Landscape

The cloud native landscape organizes all cloud native open source projects and proprietary products into categories, providing an overview of the ecosystem. The landscape is managed on GitHub with contributions from the community.

CNCF Community Groups

Participate in local events and programs run by the larger cloud native community, or host your own.

CNCF Jobs Board

The official job board of CNCF, connecting the world’s top developers to open positions in the cloud native ecosystem. Posting your jobs is free.

CNCF Store

Buy cloud native merch to celebrate your favorite tech! All proceeds from sales are reinvested back into the foundation.

CNCF Contributors

Get started contributing to CNCF’s hosted projects and shape the cloud native ecosystem. Maintained by the community on GitHub.

CNCF Glossary

The Cloud Native Glossary aims to make cloud native easier to understand, not only for technologists but also for people on the business side. Maintained by the community on GitHub.

Cloud Native Maturity Model

The Maturity Model helps you move from inception through to full adoption of cloud native technologies to achieve the full benefits of running scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments. Maintained by the community on GitHub.

Technical Advisory Groups

CNCF TAGs oversee and coordinate interests of specific areas for end users and/or projects. Read more details about CNCF TAGs. Each TAG site is maintained by the community on GitHub.

TAG App Delivery
CNCF TAG Security
TAG Env Sustainability
TAG Observability logo
CNCF TAG Runtime

additional project Resources

Devstats logo

DevStats is a tool for analyzing participation metrics of CNCF projects. The source code of the site is open source.

ArtifactHUB logo

Artifact Hub enables finding, installing, and publishing Kubernetes packages. The source code of the site is open source.