Ultralight, security-first service mesh for Kubernetes. Main repo for Linkerd 2.x.

Linkerd was accepted to CNCF on January 23, 2017 and is at the Graduated project maturity level.

Linkerd case studies

Finleap Connect

Finleap Connect

5 Months Implemented mTLS across all services in clusters for code to comply with European PSD2

June 7, 2022

Operating multiple high-density bare-metal clusters in a highly regulated industry

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Testen voor Toegang

Testen voor Toegang

400K+ COVID-19 tests scheduled each day

March 16, 2022

Testing for COVID-19 in the Netherlands with Kubernetes

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Recorded Linkerd programs

Latest tweets from Linkerd

🎉 Linkerd 2.11.2-edge-22.6.1 has been released
👉 Removed viz dependency from multicluster
👉 Enabled autoscaler eviction of injected pods
👉 Added --crds flag to check
👉 Updated clusterNetworks check to validate existing pod IPs

The votes are in! The Linkerd hero for June is @hatfarmer for sharing Xbox' Linkerd journey at KubeCon and beyond! Congrats, Chris! 🏆

🎉 Linkerd 2.11.2-edge-22.5.1 has been released
👉 Updated ingress-mode proxies for non-HTTP traffic
👉 Added process_uptime_seconds_total proxy metric
👉 Fixed multicluster headless service mirroring
👉 Split HA into multiple configs

🎉 Linkerd 2.11.2-edge-22.5.1 has been released
👉 Added namespace support to policy resources
👉 Fixed pod startup issue when enablePSP and proxyInit.runAsRoot are set
👉 Improved CNI plugin to handle race conditions

🎉 Linkerd 2.11.2-edge-22.4.1 has been released
👉 Added --crds flag to simplify install/upgrade
👉 Updated AuthorizationPolicy with support to allow all traffic
👉 Introduced nodeAffinity and nodeSelector configs

The votes are in! The Linkerd hero for March is Naveen Nalam for contributing an important Helm chart fix for 2.12. Congrats, Naveen! 🏆

🎉 Linkerd 2.11.1-edge-22.3.5 has been released
👉 Updated policy metric labels
👉 Fixed destination endpoint updates for empty services
👉 Introduced new policy CRDs
👉 Deprecated the --proxy-version flag