KEDA is a Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaling component. It provides event driven scale for any container running in Kubernetes

Keda was accepted to CNCF on 3/9/2020 and is at the Incubating project maturity level.

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We are happy to release KEDA 2.4.0 🎉

- Introducing a new Solace PubSub+ Event Broker, Selenium Grid, Kubernetes Workload scaler
- Introduce fallback functionality
- Introduce Idle Replica Mode

💬 Release Notes:

#kubernetes #autoscaling

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Release KEDA 2.4.0 · kedacore/keda

We are happy to release KEDA 2.4.0 🎉 Here are some highlights: Introducing a new Solace PubSub+ Event Broker ...

Learn how @cast_ai is using @kedaorg to leverage cost-efficient & environment-friendly autoscaling for Kubernetes to their customers!


#kubernetes #autoscaling

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KEDA | How CAST AI uses KEDA for Kubernetes autoscaling

Due to holidays and personal priorities, we are canceling today's standup - Sorry for the late notice!

See you on July 20th!

As we are working on our CNCF Incubation proposal we are looking for end-users who want to be interviewed by @CloudNativeFdn or become a listed end-user!

Are you using KEDA in production? Let us know!

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