Open Policy Agent (OPA)

An open source, general-purpose policy engine.

Open Policy Agent (OPA) was accepted to CNCF on March 29, 2018 and is at the Graduated project maturity level.

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Open Policy Agent (OPA) 2022 User Survey

Thanks for taking time to fill out the annual OPA user survey! As a small token of appreciation, we're happy t...

Hey OPA Community members, take a second to look at the Rego style guide created by @anderseknert and let us know how you’re using Rego and how we can improve the guide!

On our Bi-weekly call today we welcomed our newest OPA Engineer, Philip Conrad! He took the time to explain a new builtin he merged; units.parse, as well as one that is in the works for #graphQL

We are excited to have you on board! 🎉


Who is still reminiscing about all the fun from #Kubecon last week? Came across this photo of one of our #OPA Champions @charlieegan3, thanks for stopping by to say hello!

And there is still time to fill out the OPA Survey if you have not done so already

We've had the time of our life hanging out with the #OPA community at #KubeCon + #CloudNativeCon EU! Make sure to stop by booth G16 today to talk about all things #OPA and #CloudNative.