Phippy & Friends

Phippy is a simple PHP app, exploring the cloud native world with her friends.

Characters from the Phippy family

Meet the family

Picture ofPhippy


Adventurous and responsible, Phippy is the leader of the pack

Picture ofGoldie


Always on the go, this little gopher is an avid jazz fan

Picture ofZee


Interns at her local zoo and can’t sleep without her racoon plushie

Picture ofCaptain Kube

Captain Kube

Often mistaken for being angry, but it’s really just his eyebrows!

Picture ofLinky


Has some cheeky tattoos – AUTHZ on one claw and AUTHN on the other

Picture ofHazel


Enjoys curling up in a ball to watch a good movie

Picture ofTiago


His claws are stronger than titanium, but he only uses them to code

Picture ofOwlina


This smart owl always has everything under control

Picture ofCappy


Loves huddling with his buddies

Picture ofTai


Loves nothing more than to protect your packages from the bad guys

Picture ofObee


Buzzing Obee’s at the pulse of everything

Picture ofIzzy


This hard-working dolphin enjoys the ambience of the ocean

An outline of a character to symbolise one is coming soon

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Phippy & friends level up!

The Illustrated Children's Guide to Kubernetes Book Cover

The Illustrated Children’s Guide to Kubernetes

The Illustrated Children’s Guide to Kubernetes is a simple, gentle answer a father gave his daughter when she inquisitively asked about Kubernetes. It’s dedicated to all the parents who try to explain software engineering to their children.

Phippy Goes To The Zoo - A Kubernetes Story Book Cover

Phippy Goes to the Zoo

Follow the tale of Phippy and her niece Zee as they take an educational trip to the Kubernetes Zoo.

Admiral Bash's Island Adventure with Phippy and Friends Book Cover

Admiral Bash’s Island Adventure

Admiral Bash’s ship has been sunk by pirates and his mainframe is at the bottom of the sea! Washed up on a deserted island, join Admiral Bash as he navigates his cloud native transformation, helped by Phippy, Zee, Captain Kube, Goldie, Linky, Hazel and some very special new friends.

From 00-K8s with Love Book Cover

From 00-K8s with Love

Agent 00-K8s has to deliver a super secret package as quickly and safely as possible. Will she be able to do it?

Phippy and Zee go to the Mountains Book Cover

Phippy and Zee go to the Mountains

Another work featuring Phippy and friends: Join Phippy and Zee on a 4-dimensional hike!

Phippy in Space: Adventures in Cloud-Native Recovery Book Cover

Phippy In Space: Adventures in Cloud-Native Recovery

In the not-so-distant future, space outposts (cloud-native infrastructure) are the next frontier for settlement and Captain Kube is in charge of the cutting-edge Mars outpost. As the outpost has grown in size and complexity, Captain Kube needs to find solutions for many of the settlement’s growing pains. He has recruited Phippy to work with him on the outpost’s Day 2 challenges. Join them on their adventure, as they journey to Mars and brainstorm solutions.

Phippy's Quest for Cloud Native Transformation Book Cover

Phippy’s Quest for Cloud Native Transformation

Phippy is discussing her business challenges with Captain Kube to make the most of an upcoming big sale. Join their discussion on how to be truly cloud native.

Phippy's Field Guide to WASM

Phippy’s Field Guide to Wasm

This book introduces WebAssembly (Wasm) concepts through a camping trip story with characters Phippy, Zee, and Blossom the Wasm Possum. The story uses these metaphors to teach Wasm principles in an engaging, accessible manner.

Phippy's AI Friend book cover

Phippy’s AI Friend

Phippy and her new AI friend, Kimani, are traveling around Paris to invite all the cloud native animals to Zee’s birthday party. Help Kimani to discover their hidden talent by completing an Artificial Intelligence exercise together with your children in this educational storybook and workshop.

This book is designed for kids and parents to learn how technologies like ChatGPT, DALL·E, and Gemini work. The accompanying workshop is done in Scratch with simple block programming to train the TensorFlow machine learning model that uses advanced image recognition algorithms. All you need to complete the workshop is a laptop or computer with a webcam and a copy of the book to recognize all of Phippy’s friends.

This book is suitable for kids of all ages. Younger kids will enjoy the story and can easily complete the workshop with adult supervision. Tech savvy or older kids can learn a lot doing the workshop on their own and experimenting with the Scratch machine learning library.

The characters Phippy, Captain Kube, Zee, Linky and Hazel are owned by The Linux Foundation, on behalf of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY), which means that you can remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially. If you use the characters, please include the text “” to provide attribution (and online, please include a link to

Goldie is based on the Go Gopher, created by Renee French, which is also licensed under CC-BY.

Images of Phippy, Captain Kube, Goldie, Zee, Linky and Hazel are available in the CNCF artwork repo in svg and png formats and in color, black, and white.

The characters Phippy, Captain Kube, Zee, and the books: The Illustrated Children’s Guide to Kubernetes and Phippy goes to the Zoo,were created by Matt Butcher, Karen Chu, and Bailey Beougher and donated by Microsoft to CNCF. 

The book: Admiral Bash’s Island Adventure was created by Simon Forster, Danielle Cook, John Forster and Robert Glenn, and illustrated by Nadine Wiese.

Linky was donated to the CNCF by Buoyant, and represents the Linkerd project. Hazel was donated to the CNCF by Helm maintainers Matt Butcher and Karen Chu, and represents the Helm project.