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What is cloud native?

Please see the Cloud Native Definition.

Why is CNCF needed?

Companies are realizing that they need to be a software company, even if they are not in the software business. For example, Airbnb is revolutionizing the hospitality industry and more traditional hotels are struggling to compete. Cloud native allows IT and software to move faster. Adopting cloud native technologies and practices enables companies to create software in-house, allows business people to closely partner with IT people, keep up with competitors and deliver better services to their customers. CNCF technologies enable cloud portability without vendor lock-in.

Do I need to be a member to participate?

No, all are welcome to participate in CNCF Projects, the CNCF Slack channelMailing lists, and CNCF Events.

Why should I join CNCF as a member?

These slides give a good overview.

How can I sponsor CNCF events?

Please refer to each event’s page as listed on https://cncf.io/news/events, or email sponsor@cncf.io.

What is the relationship between the CNCF and The Linux Foundation?

The Linux Foundation is the parent of CNCF. We are one of the LF’s largest sub-foundations. More information on the LF’s over 50 projects can be found at https://www.linuxfoundation.org/projects.

Would my project be a good fit for the CNCF?

To make cloud native work, project interest of CNCF spans containers, microservices and programmable infrastructure as well as CI/CD networking, storage, logging, nodes, services, monitoring, visualization and more. Additionally we are interested in projects that demonstrate high quality and high velocity.

Finally, we want to make sure the projects we work with are already up and running and proven to solve a problem for cloud native applications. Learn more here.

The CNCF and each of its projects have their own website. What is the relationship and why multiple sites?

The CNCF hosts the various projects. Additional projects will be added as approved by the TOC (proposal process here). The CNCF provides resources to the projects, but each project continues to operate independently under its pre-existing governance structure and with its existing maintainers. The project websites are the best place to learn about and work with each individual project. The CNCF website is a source for cross-project efforts like events and other initiatives.

I have a question and I’m not sure who or where to ask?

No worries! Email us at info@cncf.io and we will point you in the right direction.