Kubernetes-native data streaming powered by Apache Kafka

Strimzi was accepted to CNCF on August 28, 2019 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Starting from today until April 4th, contributors will be able to send their proposals for working on the #GSoC #CNCF Strimzi project around MQTT and Apache Kafka. Looking forward to see your interest and read them!

#Strimzi 0.34.0 is out 🎉!

1️⃣ Support for #ApacheKafka 3.4.0
2️⃣ Stable Pod identities for Kafka Connect
3️⃣ Use JDK HTTP client in the Kubernetes client
*️⃣ + many other improvements
#️⃣ 120+ PRs from 15+ contributors

The new Strimzi bridge 0.25.0 release is out! OAuth library with new features, some fixes and updated dependencies!
For more details, check this out!

On this day, exactly 5 years ago, we did the first Strimzi operator release! We even had a cake to celebrate it on today's community call 😉. Happy birthday, #Strimzi! #5YearsOfStrimzi

Are you using #Strimzi in production? Let us and everyone else know about it, and add your logo to our website and your name to our list of adopters! To find out more about why you should do it and how to do it, visit

Do you want to know about Strimzi support for @opentelemetry for tracing purposes? Read more on this blog post by one of our maintainers @ppatierno! #ApacheKafka #OpenTelemetry #Tracing

As part of #CNCF, we have a proposal for the #GSoC! Fingers crossed it will get a slot! For details, see here

We have released #Strimzi 0.33.2. It adds support for #ApacheKafka 3.4.0 which includes a fix for CVE-2023-25194. For more info, visit