Apache Kafka® running on Kubernetes

Strimzi was accepted to CNCF on August 28, 2019 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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We want to hear from you for making Strimzi even better! Today is the last chance to take the survey 2022. Looking forward to get your feedback! #ApacheKafka #Kubernetes

Are you an existing #Strimzi user? Are you interested in Strimzi and/or #ApacheKafka on #Kubernetes? Have you considered Strimzi but didn't like it? Please spend a few minutes to fill in our Community Survey and help us make Strimzi better!

A new 0.3.0 release for our little bird ... the Strimzi canary! Check for more details on the release page at

The Strimzi survey 2022 is online! Please help us to improve the community and the project itself by answering a few questions. Read more on the following blog post

Strimzi 0.29 introduced a new experimental #KRaft mode for development and testing of #Strimzi with ZooKeeper-less Apache #Kafka. Watch our latest video to see how it works and how you can use it:

Last week we released #Strimzi 0.29.0. And one of the features we worked on were StrimziPodSets. What is it? Why should you care? And what new features we plan to build on top of it in the future? Learn more in our new 🎬 video:

Strimzi 0.29.0 is out 🎉 ! Check out the main new features on the GitHub release page: or in the new video 🎬 on our YouTube channel:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release 😍 !

Remember, you can join us in a few hours for our #Strimzi #KubeCon Office Hours. You will learn about the new features in our upcoming 0.29 release, see a demo of the new KRaft mode for ZooKeeper-less Kafka and we will of course answer any questions you might have!