Apache Kafka running on Kubernetes

Strimzi was accepted to CNCF on 8/28/2019 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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If you are attending #kafkasummit, you can meet with our maintainers @ppatierno and @scholzj and ask anything about #Strimzi in our Strimzi Office Hours - tomorrow (Wednesday 15th) at 10am PT / 7pm CEST at the @RedHat sponsor booth!

Are you using Strimzi in production? Let us know about it! You can open a PR against the ADOPTERS file in our GitHub repo ( and/or add your logo to our website Ping us if you need any help with it!

There are several different ways to use the #Strimzi Kafka Bridge to produce and consume #ApacheKafka messages using the HTTP protocol. One of them is to follow the #Kubernetes sidecar pattern. Learn more about it in our new blog post from @scholzj:

Strimzi 0.25.0 has been released 🎉:

We also created a video 🎬 covering the main changes and new features of this release: Let us know if you like it and if we should do this for every release 😉.

Interested in writing for our blog about #Strimzi and #ApacheKafka? Then you should read our new blog post about ... writing blog posts 😉. It explains how to contribute to the Strimzi blog or what might be the right topics to cover:

In #Kubernetes, you can mount Secrets and Config Maps as volumes or map them to env vars. But with our new configuration provider, your #ApacheKafka clients or connectors can load them directly from the Kubernetes API. Learn more in our new blog post:

Over the last few releases, we worked hard to refine our upgrade process and make it easier to upgrade #Strimzi operator as well as #ApacheKafka. Read more about the different improvements in our new blog post by @MrFrawless:

In the latest #Strimzi blog post we look at optimizing #ApacheKafka broker configuration and guide you through the most important configuration options: