Welcome to CNCF


Priyanka Sharma

General Manager

Priyanka is CNCF’s General Manager.

Chris Aniszczyk


Chris brings more than 15 years experience as The Linux Foundation’s vice president of Developer Programs.

Dan Kohn

VP, Strategic Programs

After leading CNCF for four years as its Executive Director, Dan continues to be involved leading key CNCF programs while now also serving as the General Manager of LF Public Health.

Amy Benson

Event Manager

Amy manages and executes numerous aspects of CNCF’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon events, including venue selection and oversight, creative development of graphics, and audiovisual logistics.

Amye Scavarda Perrin

Program Manager

Amye brings over a decade of experience in open source program and project management to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Ashley Mayra

Sponsorship Fulfillment Coordinator

Ashley helps with the fulfillment of sponsorship benefits for Kubecon + CloudNativeCon events.

Celeste Horgan

Senior Technical Writer

Celeste is a Senior Technical Writer, focusing on documentation and UX design tasks for CNCF projects.

Cheryl Hung

Director of Ecosystem

Cheryl’s mission is to make end users successful and productive with cloud native technologies

Chris Abraham

Web Engineering Manager

Chris is the Web Engineering Manager at CNCF, leading maintenance and new development projects.

Donald Liu

Developer Evangelist

Donald is a Developer Evangelist for CNCF in the China region, helping companies and members to take part in the CNCF ecosystem, The Linux Foundation, and the bigger open source community.

Eli May

Public Relations Manager

Eli is a Public Relations Manager for CNCF.

Ihor Dvoretskyi

Developer Advocate

Ihor focuses on Kubernetes-related efforts in the open source community.

Jerry Lee

Korea Representative

Jerry is the Korea Representative for CNCF.

Jessie Adams-Shore

Public Relations Manager

Jessie is a Public Relations Manager at CNCF.

Julia Christie

Marketing Event Coordinator

Julie is a Marketing Event Coordinator at The Linux Foundation.

Julie Dam

Content Manager

Julie manages the end user case study program for CNCF.

Kate Qiu

Sponsorship Fulfillment Coordinator

Kate helps with the fulfillment of sponsorship benefits for Kubecon + CloudNativeCon events.

Katelin Ramer

Business Development Manager

Katelin is responsible for driving growth globally for the foundation in the form of partnerships with the member community and gaining support for CNCF global events.

Kathy Barr

Event Partnership Specialist

Kathy manages sponsorship sales for KubeCon+CloudNativeCon and other CNCF events.

Katie Greenley

Event Manager

Katie is a lead producer in CNCF’s cornerstone events, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, and supports CNCF’s 3rd party event engagements.

Katie Meinders

Public Relations Manager

Katie is a Public Relations Manager for CNCF.

Keith Chan

CNCF China Director

Keith is the Director of Strategic Planning, Greater China.

Kristi Tan

Marketing Communications Manager

Kristi is a Core Organizer of the Kubernetes Community Days program.

Kristin Kenlaw

Senior Meeting + Event Coordinator

Kristin helps with logistics and vendor relationships for CNCF events with a heavy emphasis on KubeCon + CloudNativeCon events.

Lukasz Gryglicki

Senior Developer

Lukasz is the creator and maintainer of the DevStats reporting tool.

Megan Lehn

Meeting Planner

Megan is a Meeting & Event Planner at the Linux Foundation, primarily working on CNCF events.

Nanci Lancaster

Event Content Specialist

Nanci helps with content communications and development between speakers, co-chairs, and program committees for all KubeCon + CloudNativeCon events.

Sue Chang

Korea Alliance Manager

Sue is the Korea Alliance Manager for CNCF and looks after all aspects of the members in Korea.

Tally Lee

Member Alliance Manager

Tally handles all aspects of the CNCF members in China.

Taylor Waggoner

Senior Operations Analyst

Taylor is responsible for membership operations and program management at CNCF.

Tina Krauss

Event Manager

As an Event Manager at The Linux Foundation, Tina works closely with event sponsors and manages the sponsorship fulfillment team.

Vanessa Heric

Associate Director of CNCF Events

Vanessa manages global events for The Linux Foundation’s Collaborative Projects.

Zach Corleissen

Lead Technical Writer

Zach is a Lead Technical Writer at CNCF and acts as a SIG lead for Kubernetes documentation.