Kubernetes Virtualization API and runtime in order to define and manage virtual machines.

KubeVirt was accepted to CNCF on September 9, 2019 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Recorded programs about KubeVirt

Fast packet processing with KubeVirt
CNCF Member Online Program
Fast packet processing with KubeVirt
Presented by: Red Hat
Recorded: June 23, 2020
Using KubeVirt in telcos
CNCF Member Online Program
Using KubeVirt in telcos
Presented by: Wipro
Recorded: January 27, 2022

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KubeVirt Summit 2022 is coming up on February 16-17th. Join us and submit a session about recent development, a case study, and more in and around KubeVirt https://t.co/GGDknyUgU8

Attention please. We discovered after v0.47.0 was released that updates to v0.47.0 from v0.46.1 did not work correctly. As a result, we pulled the v0.47.0 release entirely and have released a new v0.47.1 which contains a fix.

Kubevirt is up for Incubating status in the CNCF. As part of this, they'd like us to update our data on who is using Kubevirt. We'd like you to fill out a short survey so that we can have current usage data. See the mailing list for more details.

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KubeVirt Survey (2021-11)

This data is being collected in order to support the KubeVirt Project's application for Incubating status in the C...


Don't forget to join us today at KubeCon NA. We will be holding an Office Hours session at 1:30 pm PST / 20:30 UTC