The SPIFFE Project

SPIFFE was accepted to CNCF on March 29, 2018 and is at the Incubating project maturity level.

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SPIFFE and SPIRE In Practice

SPIFFE and SPIRE In Practice

Presented by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
December 9, 2020 138 views

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Today, don't miss this session introducing the SPIRE project and deep dive into the new Windows support - Speakers - > Agustín Martínez Fayó & Marcos Yacob, #KubeCon #KubeConEU https://t.co/Ai9s2KZiPU @sched #SPIFFE

Don't miss our virtual meetup this week. The meetup will feature a panel discussion + Q & A session with the maintainers. https://t.co/NUCxo0EoQK #SPIFFE #SPIRE @CloudNativeFdn

Join us for our June SPIFFE and SPIRE Community Meetup next week. Meet new members and see some of the work that the community is doing - > https://t.co/6hTZnE4wQs cc @CloudNativeFdn