High-Performance server for, the cloud and edge native messaging system.

NATS was accepted to CNCF on March 15, 2018 and is at the Incubating project maturity level.

NATS case studies

Finleap Connect

Finleap Connect

5 Months Implemented mTLS across all services in clusters for code to comply with European PSD2

June 7, 2022

Operating multiple high-density bare-metal clusters in a highly regulated industry

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50% Reduction in compute costs

May 22, 2020

How cloud native is driving Zerodha, the world’s largest retail stock investment platform

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Recorded NATS programs

NATS 2.0

NATS 2.0

Presented by: CNCF
September 10, 2019 2,487 views

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🎶 Nah nah nah Hey hey Goodbye 🎶

NATS Streaming aka STAN has finally reached EOL and will be deprecated come June 2023.

Have no fear, NATS JetStream is here ... and we are here to help. Join us for the STAN -> JetStream Migration webinar 2/16/2023.

🎉 @nats_io weekly #62! A variety of client and #k8s releases, a new #Python framework leveraging NATS, and a new ADR discussion for user-defined stream and consumer metadata!

🚨@nats_io support is coming to Microcks! You can easily mock and test your cloud-native #EDA through @AsyncAPISpec. Check our guide 👀

New @nats_io example showcasing the new standalone @debezium server sourcing data from @PostgreSQL and writing to JetStream! 🥳

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This is quickly becoming a go-to repo for functional, runnable NATS examples. New examples added every month!

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