Highly available Prometheus setup with long term storage capabilities. A CNCF Incubating project.

Thanos was accepted to CNCF on 7/20/2019 and is at the Incubating project maturity level.

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80% Reduction in hosting costs

June 23, 2021

Nordic retail giant's Kubernetes & Linkerd-based platform reduced hosting costs by 80%

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v0.23.0-rc.0 is out!

As usual, lots of improvements, including:

* Massive enhancement over Block UI
* Baidu BOS object storage support
* Improved tracing metadata
* Easier use of non Store APIs!

Check it out!

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Release v0.23.0-rc.0 · thanos-io/thanos

Added #4453 Tools thanos bucket web: Add flag --selector.relabel-config-file / --selector.relabel-config / --max-time / -...

Please welcome our LFX 2021 Fall mentees - @Aditi09039216, @akanshat_, and @im_rsawra 💕 Their work will be focused on improving the performance and cost efficiency of Thanos, and making it easier to operate Thanos!

v0.22.0-rc.0 has just been released ! 🔥🎉 Some of the highlights include offline deduplication that reduces remote object storage space usage & increases query performance, Receiver can now ingest exemplars & it is possible to query them, and more!

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Release v0.22.0-rc.0 · thanos-io/thanos

Highlights Added offline deduplication that helps saving even more space on the remote object storage & increases...

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It escalated quickly!

We are starting the official @CloudNativeFdn series of Mentees Meetups with Thanos one as the first one today:

Join us today 15:00 UTC 💜

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What's the peak/max number of series your biggest @ThanosMetrics cluster was storing in a single moment?🤗

PS: max_over_time((sum(prometheus_tsdb_head_series{<your Thanos cluster>}) by (namespace))[2w:10m]) query can help finding this!

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The last meetup was amazing, so let's make it a tradition!

Each mentorship quarter, with mentees, we will try to share the learnings about tech, mentoring, observability, open-source!

For Q1 2021, join us this Friday:

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Thanos Q1 2021 Mentees Meetup (Virtual)

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Please welcome four new amazing mentees for this summer!💜@adzshaf @hangzhi_wei @NamanLakhwani @saswatamcode💪🏿

PS: We are preparing something special with our four last round mentees! Stay tuned.🤗