Cloud Native Runtime Security

Falco was accepted to CNCF on October 10, 2018 and is at the Incubating project maturity level.

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240mil Events processed per day

February 6, 2020

How Frame.io built a full security program around its video cloud with Falco

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Congratulations to Contributor of the Month for November/December @. if you are using the Falco Labs (link: https://t.co/zLmVyErktP) you can thank him for working with the community and creating these! Great Job Pablo!

Security Analytics using Sysflow (an open system telemetry project) using the power of @falco_org

Heres a blog on how it help with event fatigue and so much more --> https://t.co/Pry4YhNNjU

Our Contributor of the Month (September/October) = @leodido. One of the CORE maintainers of @falco_org , Leo has been vital to Falco's success and all its underlying governance and infra.

Thank you EVERYTHING you do for Falco!

Soar Falco... SOAR!!! if you are loving @falco_org. or if you want to find out more give us a star on GH! and join our community at https://t.co/e0wM5SF2ZU!


Thomas Labarussias creator of Falco Sidekick (Star it!) https://t.co/0kIWjpJVxg gives a soup to nuts demo of Detection using @falco_org and falcosidekick