Welcome to CNCF

Governing Board

The CNCF Governing Board (GB) is responsible for marketing and other business oversight and budget decisions for the CNCF.

The GB does not make technical decisions for the CNCF, other than working with the TOC to set the overall scope for the CNCF. The GB currently consists of these representatives:

Amr Abdelhalem

Fidelity Investments

Amr is the head of cloud platforms at Fidelity.

Aparna Sinha

Google (Chairperson)

Aparna is the Director of Product Management for Kubernetes and Anthos at Google.

Arun Gupta


Arun Gupta is a Senior Engineering Manager at Apple.

Barry Cooks


Barry is DigitalOcean’s Chief Technology Officer.

Bob Wise

Amazon Web Services

Bob Wise is General Manager for Kubernetes at Amazon Web Services.

Brendan O’Leary


Brendan is a Senior Developer Evangelist at GitLab.

Bryan Che


Bryan is Chief Strategy Officer at Huawei.

Chris Wright

Red Hat

Chris is the Vice President and Chief Technologist at Red Hat.

Craig McLuckie


Craig is a VP of research and development at VMware.

Dan Gerrity


Dan is the SVP of Developer Services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

John Morello

Palo Alto Networks

John is the VP Product for container and serverless security at Palo Alto Networks.

Kevin Ryan


Kevin is the Sr. Director of Software Ecosystem Development at Arm.

Lachlan Evenson


Lachlan is a Principal Program Manager on the open source team at Azure.

Li Yi

Alibaba Cloud

Li Yi (Mark), is the Director of Engineering for Container Service at Alibaba Cloud.

Liying Zhang


Liying (Vivian) is a product and open source community manager at JD.com.

Liz Rice

Aqua Security (TOC Chair)

Liz is the VP Open Source Engineering at container security specialists Aqua Security.

Matt Klein

Lyft (Developer Seat)

Matt is a software engineer at Lyft and the creator of Envoy.

Michael Payne

JPMorgan Chase

Michael leads Research & Development for the Platform / Cloud Services team at JPMorgan Chase.

Michelle Noorali

Microsoft (Developer Seat)

Michelle is a Sr. Software Engineer on the Azure Containers team and a core maintainer of Helm.

Niraj Tolia


Niraj is the General Manager and President of Kasten (acquired by Veeam).

Rob Esker


Rob’s responsible for product & strategy across a variety of cloud services at NetApp.

Ron Lev

Cox Edge Services

Ron is currently the GM of Cox Edge Services and is responsible for developing, incubating, and executing on the company’s Edge/Low Latency strategy.

Ryan van Wyk


Ryan van Wyk leads AT&T’s Network Cloud Platform design, development, testing, delivery lifecycle, security compliance and tenant care, D2 compute infrastructure planning and design; as well as software asset lifecycle management for the enterprise.

Shannon Williams


Shannon is a co-founder at Rancher Labs.

Stephen Chin


Stephen is Head of Developer Relations at JFrog and author of several Java, Embedded, and DevOps titles.

Thomas Hertz


At SAP, Thomas is the Head of Runtimes & Core which is a part of SAP Cloud Platform.

Tomohiko Tashiro


Tomohiko is a Senior Director of the Linux development division at Fujitsu.

Vijoy Pandey


Vijoy is the VP / CTO of Cloud Platforms and Software at Cisco.

Xin Zhang

Volcano Engine

Xin is the VP of Volcano Engine, previously CEO & co-founder of Caicloud and an ex-Googler.