Brand guidelines

These guidelines are both for people in CNCF who design CNCF-branded web properties and also for people external to CNCF who want to use CNCF’s brand assets.

Consistent use of our design patterns, logo, and assets helps people easily identify CNCF-branded properties and protects our trademarks. It is important that marketing materials comply with these standards and use our approved assets correctly. Please note that any and all use of CNCF’s trademarks must comply with Linux Foundation’s Trademark Usage Guidelines in addition to the visual branding guidelines shown on this page.


The primary colors for the main CNCF brand consist of a dark purple, light blue, and gray. A secondary palette (which is used on extends the primary brand colors.

Primary colors

CNCF Medium Blue
HEX #446CA9

CNCF Light Blue
HEX #76C4D5

CNCF Black
HEX #231F20

Secondary colors

CNCF Dark Purple
HEX #2A0054

CNCF Bright Blue
HEX #0088FF


CNCF-branded websites

Please follow these additional guidelines to ensure a consistent visual presence across all CNCF-branded web properties.


We use a sans serif font due to its modern and clean look which represents the character of CNCF. The sans serif font has a neutral and friendly appearance and has a full range of weights and styles that have been optimized for web and mobile. We implement this font on the web using a system font stack which guarantees it will look good on every device and load super fast without any FOUC.

System font stack

font-family: -apple-system,BlinkMacSystemFont,Segoe UI,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif,Roboto,Ubuntu,Apple Color Emoji,Segoe UI Emoji,Segoe UI Symbol;

Font colors

Body text: CNCF Dark Purple #2a0054
Links: CNCF Pink #ff00aa

Font sizes

H1 – 42px

H2 – 34px

H3 – 28px

H4 – 20px

H5 – 16px

body text – 16px


Font: 14px uppercase
Font-weight: 700
Background-color: CNCF Pink #ff00aa

Writing conventions

For conventions in writing “open source” and other common industry terms, please see this style guide.