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KubeVela has been transferred to the new org() with the guide from CNCF, while OAM spec will keep moving on in the oam-dev org from the practice of KubeVela and other OAM Implementation. Welcome to contribute and become member in the new organization!

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Make shipping applications more enjoyable. KubeVela has 13 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.


After around 500 PRs, KubeVela v1.3 ( https://t.co/BtGiEltACc ) has finally released! Thanks to all our contributors that bring so many new features around multi-cluster delivery, GUI dashboard and addon ecosystem. Please enjoy shipping applications with this new version!

Having no clue how to swiftly deal with multi-cluster when shipping application? KubeVela v1.3 presents you several enhanced features on distributing into a set of cluster or do grouping clusters or go with differentiated configuration.

view the blog://kubevela.io/blog

China Merchants Bank recently joined the community as a crucial member with planning many coordination lies ahead. First step, they shared their offline installation solution of KubeVela complied with putting customer's data in secure.

Read more:https://t.co/OjtJyj89bD

Machine Learning Practice with KubeVela by Community Approver @fog_glutamine

Here left tedious work to KubeVela, without drowning you in so many steps when do model training, model serving, A/B and canary testing etc.

Check it it how: https://t.co/r8mS1Obr5f

KubeVela currently supports AWS, Azure, GCP, AliCloud, Tencent Cloud, Baidu Cloud, UCloud and other cloud vendors, and also provides a quick&easy command line tool to introduce cloud resources from cloud providers.

check out more: https://t.co/AfttTL12K4
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🎆 Happy Lunar New Year with KubeVela v1.2 official blog! Using VelaUX, do your multi-cluster DevOps in heterogeneous application architecture with the Addon system.

Go Have Fun! Check more details at: https://t.co/lmAVWHnz3w

Happy New Year 🥳 KubeVela v1.2.0-rc.2 is released!

Use the fresh new VelaUX GUI to deploy and manage your application in multi-cluster. Helm chart, Docker image, Kubernetes raw resources, and cloud services as AliCloud, Azure, AWS are ready.

Try it out: https://t.co/p7i6fii6wV