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KubeVela is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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🎉 Release Day! 🎉 App-centric deployment pipeline, programmable steps, Terraform, Helm and Kustomize components support are now all available in KubeVela v1.1 ! Check its Quick Start guide to start your sail with Open Application Model (v0.3.1): https://t.co/1cGClvfaif

Deep dive into application development and deployment with Dapr and OAM/KubeVela: https://t.co/fOixmG5eXb #kubeconEU , by OAM project maintainer @hongchaod

Well defined summary of what Open Application Model is and where the KubeVela project is going by @thoughtworks . Recommended read: https://t.co/ewEJdpuKxu