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KubeVela was accepted to CNCF on June 22, 2021 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

Latest tweets from KubeVela

In the last community call, we've introduced two topics:

1. The @Backstage integration with KubeVela, we've built a backstage-vela-plugin to convert vela apps to backstage entity automatically.
2. The controller sharding for large scale applications.


Our community meeting last time introduced:
1. Demo of workflow on velaux with the image build and trivy scan.
2. Introduction to vela adopt and demos for adopting resources & helm charts.
3. Introduction of KubeVela v1.7.
Check out the video:

We’re excited to announce the KubeVela v1.7 has released now !
In this release, we have greatly improved features, such as adopting exist workload as vela applications, performance tunning, VelaUX enhancements and so on.
Thanks to all our contributors!

#KubeVela community users love #backstage , so we've created a kubevela addon to integrate with backstage! It will sync vela app/components automatically to be your backstage catalog service. Please just give it a try! https://t.co/jN3OQtnGTt

Our community meeting last time introduced:
1. Combining CI/CD with KubeVela Workflow and kaniko.
2. Automatically initialize the environment with terraform and KubeVela Workflow.
Check out the video: https://t.co/jFnFYpVapc

Live streaming now! Scan the QRCode to see the serverless practice with KubeVela Workflow based on @cue_lang that I shared at KubeMeet Shanghai last week.

Give a star⭐️ if you like the project: https://t.co/ZgQGqfGzh0

Our community meeting last time introduced:
1. Introduction to two new blogs: Napptive x KubeVela & KubeVela 2022 Retro.
2. Introduction to take-over & read-only policy.

Check out the video:

KubeVela has proposed to become a CNCF incubation project and delivered several public talks in the community. This article brings our design principles and gives a comprehensive introduction to the state of KubeVela in 2022. https://t.co/scCNE6d9kr