Cloud-native application life-cycle orchestration. Keptn automates your SLO-driven multi-stage delivery and operations & remediation of your applications.

Keptn was accepted to CNCF on June 23, 2020 and is at the Incubating project maturity level.

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Meet the Keptn Crew: Suraj Banakar! @TheRealRobJahn did a short interview with a Keptn community rockstar @_vadasambar and spoke about the @datadoghq integration service:

Please welcome @_vadasambar, the new Keptn Community Rockstar🎉

Suraj has been an active contributor to the project and created @datadoghq and @SumoLogic SLI providers. Suraj mentors two projects in GSoC. He also created guides for newcomer contributors.

Keptn 0.16.0 is out! Zero-downtime upgrades (KEP-48), major performance improvements, new experimental heatmap for SLI breakdowns, and deprecation of CLI commands

Voting for Keptn incubation in the @CloudNativeFdn is now open! Thanks to all Keptn contributors and the CNCF community members who shared their feedback and vision since the application started🙇

We are happy to announce the GSoC 2022 projects in Keptn! Congrats to all contributors who will be working on key initiatives within our roadmap: GitOps for Keptn, Integrations with @fluxcd, @argoproj and @k6_io, and the new @docusaurus based docs site 🚀