CloudEvents Specification

CloudEvents was accepted to CNCF on May 22, 2018 and is at the Incubating project maturity level.

CloudEvents case studies

PNC Bank

PNC Bank

20,000 code repos kept compliant

June 13, 2022

How PNC Bank automated software supply chain compliance with TriggerMesh.

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Said goodbye to the CloudEvents group, I am moving on and will have a lot less time to be able to be involved. It was a ton of fun maintaining the sdk for go. Interested to join?

Also, found out @duginabox clicks links during the @CloudEventsIO meeting 🤣

We're thrilled to have @p_mbanugo joining us at KubeHuddle to deliver his workshop about serverless on Kubernetes.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get hands-on experience with @KnativeProject and @CloudEventsIO

Limited tickets available

@ibuildthecloud No link to @CloudEventsIO yet but I think defining the events would be good and then defining the sub APIs based on the CE's new specs would be a great test case.
Having an option for a PaaS to auto update would be neat. @KnativeProject

@s0enke @donkersgood @boyney123 @nickste @sheenbrisals Ideally this should be part of the message, ie transport independent. See @CloudEventsIO sequence attribute as an example

[New Post] Transforming a non-CloudEvent into a @CloudEventsIO using a webhook function running on @VMWEventBroker/@KnativeProject. I used the @project_harbor webhook notification feature as a use case.
🙏 @embano1 #eventdriven #automation #serverless

Seeing a lot more interest in PS/PCLI in function runtimes, too!

And if you use @CloudEventsIO in your APIs there‘s even a PS SDK 🤩

Apparently @YouTube has decided that the @CloudEventsIO / ServerlessWG's weekly calls are just too hot to handle and marked our latest one as private/locked. Join us to see what you've been missing: