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The CNCF Sandbox is the entry point for early stage projects.

The CNCF Sandbox has four goals:

  1. Encourage public visibility of experiments or other early work that can add value to the CNCF mission and build the ingredients of a successful Incubation-level project.
  2. Facilitate alignment with existing projects if (and only if) this is desired.
  3. Nurture projects (e.g., via CNCF Service Desk requests).
  4. Remove possible legal and governance obstacles to adoption and contribution by ensuring all projects adhere to CNCF legal, code of conduct, and IP policy requirements.

When we say that Sandbox projects are “early stage,” this covers the following examples:

  1. New projects that are designed to extend one or more CNCF projects with functionality or interoperability libraries. In the case of Kubernetes, the Sandbox is intended as a home for projects that would previously have started in the Kubernetes Incubator.
  2. Independent projects that fit the CNCF mission and provide the potential for a novel approach to existing functional areas (or are an attempt to meet an unfulfilled need).
  3. Projects commissioned or sanctioned by the CNCF, including initial code for CNCF WG collaborations, and “experimental” projects.
  4. Any project that realistically intends to join CNCF Incubation in future and wishes to lay the foundations for that.

View the project proposal process.