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Pixie was accepted to CNCF on 6/22/2021 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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🔒Trace SSL/TLS connections using eBPF!

📝 Blog: https://t.co/4fbhyMfFE0
📁 Demo: https://t.co/m4y3Ga8Hw1

Learn how to use eBPF uprobes on your TLS library to capture plaintext data for encrypted traffic -- all without changing / redeploying the target application.

#eBPF #k8s

Want to instantly profile apps in prod #k8s clusters w/o recompiling & rerunning?

Part 3 of 🔥 "Building a Continuous Cross-Language Profiler" 🔥 shows how we optimized our #ebpf-based profiler for continuous deployment with 0.3% CPU overhead.

📝 https://t.co/5BI0YjTF87

Want to dive deeper into Pixie? Check out @rawkode’s jam-packed tour with @nserrino, covering:

- Auto-instrumenting a K8s cluster with Pixie in minutes
- Flamegraphs for pods and nodes 🔥
- Inspecting application traffic 🔎
- Pixie's CLI
- And more!

👉 https://t.co/xsEgkiPGQT

Last week @nserrino chatted with @horovits on the @OpenObserv podcast about the observability landscape and how #ebpf can help address challenges with telemetry data collection! ✨

Check out the recording
👉 https://t.co/XSmVeACwih

#kubernetes #observability #monitoring #devops

Ever run into a perf issue & wish you could instantly profile w/o recompiling & rerunning?

In Pt. 2 of 🔥 Building a Continuous Cross-Language (Go, Rust, C/C++) Profiler 🔥 founding engineers @oazizi & Pete build a simple profiler written in eBPF.

📝 https://t.co/Co3qXZpj3M

Ever run into a perf issue & wish you could instantly profile w/o recompiling & rerunning?

🚀 Founding engineers @oazizi & Pete write about building an always-on low overhead (<1%) profiler for compiled languages (#golang #rustlang C/C++) using eBPF.


💥 And that's a wrap for #KubeCon week! 💥

Huge thanks to everyone who made it happen - we had so much fun! 🤩 Catch you in October for the next one?

👕 Last call for Pixie Kubecon swag: https://t.co/qT7WzhKaf2