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Pixie was accepted to CNCF on June 22, 2021 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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@BettyJunod Networking is not the only use case for eBPF. It is indeed the most talked about one though. Other tools are being build using eBPF in the security and observability space. @pixie_run is a good example.

#eBPF is the future of #o11y. But capturing data at the network layer (instead of the app layer) may expose more PII.

Enter Privy -> a new public PII dataset. See how it compares to existing PII classifiers & how it can be used to redact PII in Pixie.


My session about eBPF & @pixie_run was also recorded, and it's available here. I love the landing page with every session and short introductions. Great job!

https://t.co/3BFsegsRVe https://t.co/Xazp8SZ6QE

Thanks to the @ChoreoDev team for their contributions to Pixie! It's been great collaborating together, and so exciting to see what they've built. ✨

Come watch my talk at Kubecon - Friday 2p ET!

I’ll be adding logs live to production without forcing a redeploy. Come learn how you can do the same with bpftrace!


We often get asked how #eBPF and @opentelemetry compare and contrast.

@oazizi will address the confusion and show how both have a role to play during his eBPF Day talk this Monday! 🐝