A multi-cluster batch queuing system for high-throughput workloads on Kubernetes.

Armada was accepted to CNCF on July 25, 2022 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Stroustrup is now included in the official #fsharp style guide:

Tremendous thanks to @rawdeg for all his hard work on this and his implementations in the #fantomas codebase.

Please sponsor him over at

Ironic and Kubernetes are made for each other. Ironic feeds the hungry hardware beast via Metal3

Thanks to our friends in Japan:

...and Finland:

for spreading the word!

OpenStack and Kubernetes both have a place in your cloud!

We're proud to announce our sponsorship of the British Physics Olympiad. A charitable trust, @TheBPhO encourages the study of physics & recognises excellence through a number of annual competitions.


Are you a @kubernetesio user like us? Our Armada project is fundamentally about being able to hook together many k8s clusters into a gigantic sort of meta-cluster, but if you’re having problems just debugging apps on a single k8s cluster, a guide like this is very helpful.