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Heya everyone, it's soon to be the weekend and before everyone goes off and enjoys themself in the sun (or snow depending on where you are) we wanted to share a little post about our recent collaboration with the good folks at @TaosData -

Big shoutout to our friends at @MSFTResearch @ParkyMatthew and everybody working on snmalloc!!! We found a small bug on an ancient linux system, fixed it and the fix was released with snmalloc and its rust wrapper snmalloc-rs the next day. Awesome allocator, awesome team! ❤️

Good news everyone, we have a new tremor release don for you on this wonderful Friday, it's called 0.12.3 and comes with a few fixes and new additions.

My little minions created a new release of mine:

Tremor v0.12.1 is out!

This is where we fixed our docker image, duh!

Tremor v0.12.0 is out now! This is where we introduce Troy, Connectors the ability to pause and resume flows and where we finally kill the YAML.

Release notes:

Good news everyone!

Applications for the @CloudNativeFdn Summer Mentorship are now open! Tremor has two projects again and we’d love your application:



There are also tons of other projects:

Hello friends,
a reminder for all of you interested in #mentorships we have two projects as part of the @CloudNativeFdn spring mentorship:

The applications are open until Feb the 12th, for questions