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Big shout out to our friends at @prismjs who have the best contributor experience ever. Looking forward to enabling prism powered syntax highlighting on our website - wooo!

We just released an important bugfix release:

It fixes a memory-corruption bug we introduced in v0.7.3 but which we discovered and fixed just now.

Upgrade if you can!

It took a while but those stickers we sent @ParkyMatthew and the snmalloc crew at @MSFTResearch a pandemic ago finally hit their target in Cambridge. But who's behind that laptop? 🐎🦄🐎

A wild and fresh new web experience appears in the wild - even passers by are stopping for a selfie 🤳 - shouts to Sharon for the new shinyness!

TremorCon is done, thanks to all our awesome speakers @_mur3x_, @jigyasak05, @kurious_diru, @a_hoverbear, @Nagaprabhu2 and Gary, our panelists, @natalisucks, @matthias_wahl, @darachennis and @heinz_gies and of cause the @CloudNativeFdn and @WayfairTech who made it possible <3

About 5 more minutes until we have the TremorCon Coffee chat with @natalisucks from @WayfairTech's #OSPO, @matthias_wahl, @darachennis and @heinz_gies from the tremor team - come by ask questions and chat with us: