Pravega - Streaming as a new software defined storage primitive

Pravega was accepted to CNCF on November 10, 2020 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

Latest tweets from Pravega

In pursuit of performance, @Raul_Gracia added a Pravega driver to @Open_Messaging Benchmark

Used to compare Pravega's performance against @apachekafka & @apache_pulsar:


The same team that brought us the Pravega Presto Connector now brings us a new S3 Connector for @prestodb!

The Presto S3 Connector lets you consume S3 objects in @prestodb without the need for a complicated Hive setup!

Source code is available on GitHub:

Yumin (Brian) Zhou, maintainer of Pravega Flink Connectors, explains the basics of and @ApacheFlink for high-throughput, low-latency unified batch and stream processing:

Tom Kaitchuck presented at @strangeloop_stl earlier this month on:
* how does streaming video analytics, and
* what lessons we learned about @rustlang in building a low-latency, high-performance streaming video analytics engine.

Here's the replay of our casual conversation about Pravega and its Trino connector during the @trinodb Community Broadcast!

Join us in 30 minutes for the @trinodb Community Broadcast!

We will be discussing our Trino Connector for distributed SQL queries over Pravega streams:

Follow along with our Getting Started Guide:

Join us! has a @KubeCon_ Project Office Hour session on Thursday, October 14 @ 12:30 pm PST:

RSVP & drop in to catch an overview of the Pravega project, walkthroughs of Pravega on k8s, client bindings & connectors, local development, etc...