Pravega - Streaming as a new software defined storage primitive

Pravega was accepted to CNCF on 11/10/2020 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Next Pravega Community Meeting — Sep 30, 2021 @ 11:00 AM Pacific Time

Topic — Distributed Analytics over Stream Storage: A Deep Dive into @prestodb & @trinodb for

Andrew & Karan present their work on the Presto & Trino connectors

Pravega QE team members presented their chaos testing work to the @LitmusChaos user community this month, showing how to use #LitmusChaos to test the fault tolerance of Pravega clusters. The Pravega presentation begins at 20:33 here -- w/ @CloudNativeFdn

当流存储遇上流计算——Pravega Flink connector 简介 By 周煜敏

开源流式存储Pravega与流式计算Flink在connector项目的加持下究竟能够碰撞出怎样的火花?本视频就带大家了解双方社区的发展与合作,以及Pravega Flink connector 的项目的历史和最新进展。

欢迎大家于7月16日北京时间(UTC+8)中午12点在线参加首次Pravega中国社区会议。本次会议将帮助大家了解Pravega与Flink、GStreamer和Akka Streams项目的集成使用。最后有15分钟答疑环节。

1st Pravega China Community Meeting at 12 noon Beijing time (UTC+8) on July 16.

"Video in Pravega with GStreamer" by Claudio Fahey

Pravega as a Digital Video Recorder powered by GStreamer

Deep Learning on Video4Linux and RTSP camera streams with, @gstreamer, & @NVIDIAEmbedded #DeepStream

Missed our community meeting yesterday and its talks on using Pravega with @ApacheFlink, @gstreamer & @prestodb? Check it out on YouTube!

* Introducing Pravega Flink connector
* Video in Pravega with GStreamer
* Presto query engine for Pravega

Join us in 1 hour for our June Community Meeting at this Zoom link:

We will learn about's integrations for stream processing with @ApacheFlink, video processing with @gstreamer, and query processing with @prestodb.

See you there!

Join us in 12 hours for presentations about & @ApacheFlink, @gstreamer, and @prestodb.

Join this Zoom link on Monday, June 7th @ 8:30 AM Pacific / 10:30 AM Central / 3:30 PM UTC / 11:30 PM China: