Submariner enables direct networking between Pods and Services in different Kubernetes clusters, either on-premises or in the cloud.

Submarineris at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Submariner live stream with @thekittster, @nyechiel, and @gurnben starting in 30m on The Cloud Multiplier! 06/28 @ 1PM ET

We've started uploading our Submariner Tech Exchange videos to YouTube! Some will be experts discussing the latest in K8s multicluster networking, others will teach best practices. First up: Cable Driver Enhancements with Maryam Tahhan (@maryamtahhan):

Submariner 0.12 is released! Big one, many usability improvements including automated uninstall/unexport, cloud prepare/cleanup for OpenStack, new metrics, additional automated diagnostic capabilities, and more!

We're in the process of finalizing the Submariner 0.12 release, and we'd love your help. Please try 0.12.0-rc0 in your preferred environment and let us know (Slack: Kubernetes/#submariner) if you run into issues, including gaps in the docs.

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Release 0.12.0-rc0 · submariner-io/releases

Submariner release process repository. Contribute to submariner-io/releases development by creating an account on GitHub.

Submariner was featured at the most recent Washington DC Kubernetes Meetup (@KubeDaysDC). @olgch (CTO @kublr) gave an exceptionally clear presentation, introducing Submariner from a user/operator's perspective.

Submariner 0.11.1 is released! We have enough users now that we're asked to do point releases for bugfixes. ✅

Submariner 0.11 is released! This release mainly focused on stability, bug fixes, and improving the integration between Submariner and Open Cluster Management via the submariner-addon.