Submariner enables direct networking between Pods and Services in different Kubernetes clusters, either on-premises or in the cloud.

Submariner was accepted to CNCF on April 28, 2021 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

Latest tweets from Submariner

Submariner 0.14.2 and 0.13.4 are released! Maintenance releases with changes including Azure long names and gateway creation fixes, `subctl gather` iptables log collection for Calico and kindnet CNIs, `subctl --image-override`, CVE fixes, and more!

Submariner 0.12.3 is released! Maintenance release with bug fixes like avoiding unnecessary DNS retries and better CNI annotation cleanup, as well as security fixes like dependency bumps to mitigate CVEs and longer image version hashes to avoid collisions.

Submariner 0.14.1 is released! Maintenance release with bug fixes like more resilient public IP resolution, various `subctl diagnose` fixes, and avoiding cluster-owned tags for AWS Security Group lookup.

Submariner 0.13.2 is released! Maintenance release with bug fixes, support for OpenShift 4.12, ability to customize the default TCP MSS clamping value for non-Globlnet deployments, and more.

Submariner 0.14.0 is released! Better air-gapped support, no need to open 8080/8081 for metrics, kubeconfig handling consistent with kubectl, reduced privileges, ServiceExport/ServiceImport nicenesses, and much more!

Submariner 0.13.1 is released! Maintenance release with bug fixes, subctl UX improvements, security hardening, and more:

Submariner 0.13.0 is released! ARM64 containers, `subctl cloud prepare` for OpenShift on Azure, better OVN-Kubernetes support, labels per KEP-2579: Pod Security Admission Control, subctl diagnose/show improvements, and more!