Submariner enables direct networking between Pods and Services in different Kubernetes clusters, either on-premises or in the cloud.

Submariner is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Submariner 0.11.1 is released! We have enough users now that we're asked to do point releases for bugfixes. ✅

Submariner 0.11 is released! This release mainly focused on stability, bug fixes, and improving the integration between Submariner and Open Cluster Management via the submariner-addon.

Submariner 0.10 is released! Globalnet v2 is a major re-implementation of overlapping CIDR support for perf, scale, and supportability. New Load Balancer mode, SRV DNS support, VXLAN cable driver option, improved Calico CNI integration, and more!

Submariner's test day for 0.10.0-rc0 is Thursday! Join us in testing the upcoming release in various environments. Let us know you're participating on Slack (Kubernetes/submariner) and we'll be sure your deployment is in the matrix.

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Submariner v0.10.0 Test Day

v0.10-rc0 tests Test Environment,Features K8s Infra,CNI,Cable Driver,Globalnet,Owner,E2E (subctl verify),subctl benchmark,v0.9 ->...

Submariner has been working with ODC-Noord (NL gov datacenter) for a long time as an early high-touch user. Their #KubeCon/#OpenShiftCommons presentation of the results is now available on-demand!

Exciting to see Submariner in multi-cluster #KubeCon talks! Great session @rastislaf, and thanks for bringing it to our attention @OmerKahani!