werf is a solution for implementing efficient and consistent software delivery to Kubernetes. It covers the entire CI/CD lifecycle and all related artifacts, glues commonly used tools (Git, Docker/Buildah, Helm, K8s) and facilitates best practices.

werf was accepted to CNCF on December 13, 2022 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

Latest tweets from werf

Coming to #KubeCon + #CloudNativeCon Europe 2023 in Amsterdam next month? Don’t miss the #werf kiosk (morning time) at the Project Pavilion, which will showcase various #CNCF projects! We’ll help you to learn more about the tool and how your #CICD can benefit from it 🙌

The official image to run #werf in #containers is now published on Artifact Hub (@cncfartifacthub)! This hub helps you to find, install, and publish #Kubernetes-related packages and configurations from #CNCF projects. Find werf here: https://t.co/iMwgKXY18K

Read our new article describing how to set up canary releases in #K8s using the Ingress-NGINX Controller and #werf. https://t.co/1RW4Yk7YlS

Support in the widely used #IDE is an excellent acknowledgement, isn’t it? Happy to see the #IntelliJIDEA (@intellijidea) editor working with #werf.yaml via its #Kubernetes plugin. Much gratitude to the #JetBrains team! This feature was mentioned here: https://t.co/d6Cectb57N

We're excited to be attending and participating in the #KubernetesCommunityDays in Amsterdam next week, on the 23-24th Feb. If you are attending #KCDAmsterdam, we'd love to meet up! Ping us to discuss #Kubernetes platforms, CI/CD (including @werf_io!), and other various topics 🙌

With all that #CNCF-related news stream last week, #werf has reached another #GitHub milestone — 3500+ stars! No matter how vague this metric actually is for #OpenSource projects, we are happy to see it growing and expect more users from both sides of #DevOps to leverage werf 😉

Huge thanks to @ITOpsTimes for picking up #werf as an #OpenSource project of the week! ❤️ Their recently published story describes the tool and highlights its recent acceptance in #CNCF: https://t.co/ngX92o2gnK

Following the recent #werf announcement, we're delighted to publish a short intro to this #OpenSource tool for #DevOps needs, its story and our experience with it: https://t.co/pyyL1DrHeu