OCI registry client - managing content like artifacts, images, packages

ORAS was accepted to CNCF on July 13, 2021 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Zot registry recently announced support for both OCI and ORAS artifacts. We invite a Zot maintainer to introduce Zot and demonstrate how to use ORAS to distribute OCI artifacts to Zot registry in today's community call. Join us at 16:00 PM PST to learn:


Check out the presentation from two ORAS maintainers @sajaya and Josh Dolitsky at KubeCon NA:

It’s Complicated: Relationships Between Objects In OCI Registries


ORAS CLI v0.16.0 is now available! This is the first release to fully support OCI Artifact and its Referrers API with auto fallback mechanism.
Not just images! It enables you to distribute supply chain artifacts to any OCI-compliant registries. @OCI_ORG

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Release v0.16.0 · oras-project/oras

🚀 ORAS CLI v0.16.0 is available! You can install it by following this guide. New Features BREAKING CHANGE: Mig...


How is @alibaba_cloud using ORAS CLI to simplify Wasm-based ASM instance extension in Cloud Service Mesh? Check out this tutorial to learn this use case.


ORAS-py released v0.0.17 by @vsoch with a bunch of new features like adding support for manifest --annotation and apply appropriate header for authentication against a GitLab registry. Learn more: