Local development against a remote Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster

Telepresence was accepted to CNCF on May 15, 2018 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Docs are hugely important for us as open source projects. So if you want to directly impact the trajectory of our business please reach out!

Some useful and promising #Kubernetes🕸️ projects to follow 👇
🔹 @submarinerio - multicluster direct networking
🔹 @shipwrightio - building container images
🔹 @microcksio - testing API and messaging
🔹 @telepresenceio - development tool
🔹 @k0sproject - new Kubernetes distro

Today, I needed to intercept traffic sent to the application running on Kubernetes and forward it to the local dev instance ( 👇

I finally have the opportunity to see how a great tool is Telepresence (@telepresenceio).

In our latest blog diving into the @CloudNativeFdn Sandbox projects we're looking at @telepresenceio — Telepresence 2.0 Showcase: Open Source Development Workflows — #Kubernetes #CloudNative #OpenSource

Belated congratulations to @telepresenceio on Telepresence 2! Lots of neat ideas around network intercepts to help devs experiment with changes in-cluster.

Thoroughly enjoyed @LeanderReimer's #CloudK8Summit talk about @kubernetesio and cloud native devex. So many great tools to check out:

- @buildpacks_io
- @skaffolddev
- @tilt_dev

Obviously we're biased, but we think @telepresenceio is pretty cool, too!