Service Mesh Performance

Standardizing Service Mesh Value Measurement

Service Mesh Performance is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Watch the Service Mesh Performance Meeting (January 20th, 2022) recording ( and engage in the Service Mesh Performance open source project in the discussion forum ( and Slack (!

"Extending SMP to @CloudNativeFdn Lab” proposal is draft-complete:
@gyohuang of @intel will provide an overview of the proposal in today’s community call, starting in 20 minutes -

Meet @smp_spec maintainers at #KubeCon China 2021 and see Meshery v0.6.0 features in-action! Be sure to ask about the @mesheryio v0.7.0 roadmap, too!

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v0.7.0 Roadmap:

Service Mesh Performance Community Meeting (December 2nd, 2021)
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Twitter: smp_spec

Join the CNCF TAG Network Meeting today for a Deep-Dive Session on Nighthawk's Adaptive Load Control with Jakub Sobon!

Meeting starts in 10 minutes!