Service Mesh Performance

Standardizing Service Mesh Value Measurement

Service Mesh Performance was accepted to CNCF on June 22, 2021 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Hello 👋 everyone
If you are looking to start your open-source journey 👀 and are not able to find the projects to contribute to, you can try contributing to the @layer5 @mesheryio
Trust me, the best community to get started on your open-source journey 😍🥳.

This invitation made my day 😍😍, Thank you @lcalcote for this opportunity. Looking forward to contributing more and making an impact.
Special thanks to @coder_dandriyal for introducing me to @layer5, @mesheryio community, and Open source.

To understand Meshery better, here's a small diagram to show different infrastructure planes.

Meshery is an open source, cloud native management layer that enables Kubernetes, any service mesh, and their workloads to be adopted, operated, and managed.

Docker Extension for Meshery: brings your SM to your local environment. No, it is not your Scrum Master, is your Service Mesh and no, it's not your local neighbourhood pub, it is your local development environment.

Highlights of the #ServiceMeshPerformance Project Office Hours at #KubeCon2022. Kudos to all our maintainers for making the event such a success! For more on SMP:
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