Kubernetes networking based on Open vSwitch

Antreais at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Announcing the release v1.7.0 of Antrea & v0.1.0 of sub-project Theia
In v1.7.0, we introduce a TrafficControl API to control the transmission of Pod traffic, multi-cluster routing service and enhancements to Antrea-native policies

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Release Release v1.7.0 · antrea-io/antrea

Added Add TrafficControl feature to control the transmission of Pod traffic; it allows users to mirror or redirect ...

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Announcing the v1.5.0 release! With multi-cluster support, users can export & import services across multiple clusters within a ClusterSet. Multicast support enables forwarding traffic within the cluster network & btw the external and the cluster network .

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Release Release v1.5.0 · antrea-io/antrea

Added Add Antrea Multi-cluster feature which allows users to export and import Services and Endpoints across multiple...

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