A tool to seal application's all dependencies and Kubernetes into CloudImage, distribute this application anywhere via CloudImage, and run it within any cluster in one command.

sealer was accepted to CNCF on April 26, 2022 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Zhengcai Cloud, China's leading government procurement cloud service provider, has adopted @sealer_oss in overall #CloudNative on-premise business delivery in production. They also compared sealer with #Ansible and got the best practice.

See what @sealer_oss brings us, "Cluster Images: Achieve Efficient Distributed Application Delivery". This is a thorough introduction of sealer.

😼How about the new logo of @sealer_oss ? Actually we got inspired from the following 3 parts.
1. first letter of sealer
2. a box which is sealed hinting sealer's ability
3. does it look like </> ? sealer seals application and code 🌟😃

After two years of cooperation with ISVs in China, their business mostly on premise, We found that they can hardly try the CD tools currently in @CloudNativeFdn , like @fluxcd . Do we have plans to support on-premise CD scenarios?

👏🌟 Great news for @sealer_oss !!! The @CloudNativeFdn TOC have approved Sealer's application for Sandbox. Thank everyone for the work done for Sealer .

For what is a #Kubefile in @sealer_oss , please refer to the following guidance photo. One @sealer_oss command to build a cluster image with @kubernetesio and all applications included.

Introduce an open source #CloudNative tool Sealer . We learnt from #Dockerfile concept and create #Kubefile concept to isolate k8s and your distributed application into a single CloudImage😀😉🌟☀️