WasmEdge Runtime

WasmEdge is a lightweight, high-performance, and extensible WebAssembly runtime for cloud native, edge, and decentralized applications. It powers serverless apps, embedded functions, microservices, smart contracts, and IoT devices.

WasmEdge Runtime was accepted to CNCF on April 28, 2021 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Still confused what Wasm has to do with Docker containers??? Here's a detailed blog post that explains what Wasm is, what it has to do with @JavaScript and how is it related to @Docker. @rustwasm @WebAssemblyEU @WasmWeekly

Have a look at what @juntao from @realwasmedge had to say when speaking with @kunalstwt about the challenges being faced by the WASM community as well as what trends we might see in the future!

Check out the full video 👇


Wasm is one of the most promising emerging tech to watch for, particularly for edge computing (don't need a Linux Container in future) 👍

#wasm #wasmedge

I'm excited to attend WebAssembly Based AI as a Service on the Edge with Kubernetes - Rishit Dagli, Narayana Junior College; Incoming University of Toronto & Shivay Lamba, Meilisearch at ONE Summit 2022 https://t.co/u2jheS4BtN @sched

The WebAssembly developer meetup in Mountain View last night was great success. 🚀

Much appreciate all the speakers! @juntao from @realwasmedge @mikesir87 from @docker @yaronschneider from @daprdev Wilson and Varun from @BytedanceTalk & @Larksuite

Terrific summary of recent developments in #Wasm and a summary of the @CloudNativeFdn wasmDay at #KubeCon, via Vivian Hu at @InfoQ #Developer Tooling for Cloud-Native Wasm Is Going Mainstream #opensource #innovation https://t.co/ztONmule8q

Running a microservice in WasmEdge using Podman! We can develop on @docker Desktop and Compose, and potentially deploy with @Podman_io and @openshift on @fedora & @RedHat Linux. 🚀🚀🚀

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