WasmEdge Runtime

WasmEdge is a lightweight, high-performance, and extensible WebAssembly runtime for cloud native, edge, and decentralized applications. It powers serverless apps, embedded functions, microservices, smart contracts, and IoT devices.

WasmEdge Runtime was accepted to CNCF on 4/28/2021 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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WasmEdge C API is an interface to access the WasmEdge runtime from other platforms or applications. You can use the C API to embed WasmEdge into your C, C++, Rust, or even Java (via JNI) app.
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A Complete Guide: https://t.co/SxPFPGLOs6

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A real-world use case in smart factories. Use the @golang based @yomohq framework to stream and process camera data from the assembly line. Use embedded @rustlang functions in WasmEdge to run @TensorFlow models on the data to potentially detect defects.

AI Inference for Real-time Data Streams with WasmEdge and YoMo


Embed #WebAssembly modules as plugins to extend your @golang apps. Both @rustwasm wasm_bindgen function and #WASI program modes are supported. Powered by WasmEdge by @CloudNativeFdn

Extend your Golang app with embedded WebAssembly functions in WasmEdge