Serverless Workflow

Serverless Workflow Specification

Serverless Workflow was accepted to CNCF on 7/14/2020 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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Released our yearly project review. Our project had an incredible year and has shown amazing growth. We depend 100% on our community and would like to thank you all as we plan to make next year even better!

Just released our @CloudNativeFdn Serverless Workflow #Java #SDK version It's aligned with the latest specification release.

Great @InfoQ article mentioning Serverless Workflow specification and the importance of using standards managed by vendor-neutral foundation such as @CloudNativeFdn

Serverless Workflow Specification v0.7 is here!

It includes a ton of new feature such as support for @odataorg, @AsyncAPISpec, @GraphQL, @oauth_2, support for secrets and constants, updates to workflow timeouts and error handling, and much much more!

Introducing the brand new Synapse logo!
Synapse is a @kubernetesio-native workflow runtime that supports the Serverless Workflow specification and is part if its eco-system.

Happy to announce the v1.0.0 release of our @CloudNativeFdn Serverless Workflow @typescript SDK!!

Many thanks to @antmendoza and JB Bianchi for all your hard work!

Looking for your ideas and thoughts about what features should be added to our #serverless #workflow project.

Please help us out by adding your ideas / voting on existing ones:

Happy to announce the #serverless #workflow @Golang SDK v2.0.0 release!

Thanks @zaninirica for your hard work!