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Amap, Alibaba's all-in-one navigation platform, has launched AI-powered 3D-modeling mapping features. The upgraded system provides real-time traffic updates and a virtual character for in-app guidance.

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Alibaba Group is the first to introduce Scope 3+ emissions concept. Dr. Chen Long, Director of Luohan Academy, explains how Scope 3+ extends beyond Alibaba's own operations and value chain.

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Jessica Alba's clean lifestyle brand The Honest Company has launched a flagship store on Tmall Global, Alibaba Group's cross-border e-commerce platform.

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Italian brand Brunello Cucinelli's Greater China General Manager Michael Huang talks about luxury trends, the impact of the pandemic, and going digital in China.

Listen to the full podcast on Alizila.
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Alibaba's Tmall Luxury Pavilion is using metaverse technologies, from AR fashion shows to digital priority passes, to connect with digital-savvy consumers.

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Designer Brunello Cucinelli talks about Italian brand values, the sustainable future of luxury, and their blossoming relationship with consumers in China. Watch the full video on Alizila.

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Eat Just's Co-Founder and CEO @joshtetrick talks about the startup's mission and how it will transform sustainable consumption in China. Listen to the full podcast on Alizila.

#EatJust #plantbased #sustainability

What are scopes 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions? Dr. Chen Long, Director of Luohan Academy, Alibaba Group's open research institute, explains this concept.

#AlibabaGroup #ESG #sustainability #carbonemissions