Carvel provides a set of reliable, single-purpose, composable tools that aid in your application building, configuration, and deployment to Kubernetes.

Carvel was accepted to CNCF on September 14, 2022 and is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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This week, I talk about my book "Cloud Native Spring in Action" (now available in printed format), package management with @carvel_dev, paths to production with @OssCartographer, and the @CloudNativeFdn Platforms WG. Special mentions: @wiggitywhitney, @salaboy and @_100mik_. /2

📢 kapp v0.54.0

✨ What's New
- Introduced new annotation ``. Resource is updated if kapp deploy is used after the renew-duration has passed.
- Default wait-check-interval duration is now increased to 3s (from 1s)

📢 imgpkg v0.34.0

✨ What's New
- `describe` command fetches all information possible and displays failures
- Removed extra output and errors during shell completion
- and lots of library bumps

📢 ytt v0.44.0

✨ What's New
- Store the replace and insert annotations' "via" kwarg as callable
- Feature overlay/insert
- Optionally, overlay/insert via function
- and more, see release notes for details

Thanks to Matt Brauer for their help!

🗒️ New blog post by @dmitriykalinin!!

In this post, he digs into @cue_lang examples for Kubernetes and shows us how we can use CUE and Carvel tools together.

🎦🗒️ Getting Started with ytt Part 2 is live!

- Dive into a more involved scenario to solve a common problem in Kubernetes
- Learn why some set of labels are required to be in sync
- Introduce a ytt feature to avoid misconfigurations due to manual edits