Based on feedback from our community, we are excited to announce that we are refreshing our Cloud Native Ambassador Program (CNAP)! Below are the updated requirements and guidelines for our Ambassador 2.0 Program.   

Applications will open mid-December 2022!

Cloud Native Ambassadors (CNAs) are individuals who are passionate about Cloud Native Computing Foundation technology and projects, recognized for their expertise, and willing to help others learn about the framework and community.

Successful ambassadors are people such as bloggers, influencers, evangelists who are already engaged with a CNCF project in some way including contributing to forums, online groups, community events, etc.

The Cloud Native Ambassador program will empower an exclusive group of community leaders with support, training, mentorship, guidance, and rewards to:

  • Promote cloud native technologies and CNCF projects globally
  • Engage and enable our community through stimulating events, content, and mentoring
  • Improve experience and reduce friction for community members
  • Foster strong community collaboration and relationships
  • Attract and onboard new community members
  • Provide valuable input and feedback to the CNCF about community programs and initiatives
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Program requirements for becoming an official Cloud Native Ambassador are:

Are you interested in becoming an official Cloud Native Ambassador? 

Applications will open mid-December 2022!


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