CNCF Ambassador Application

Cloud Native Ambassadors (CNAs) are credible advocates for the cloud native ecosystem, driven by their passion for CNCF technologies and projects, as well as furthering the mission of open source.

Ambassadors are an extension of CNCF, furthering the mission of “making cloud native ubiquitous” through community leadership and mentorship. 

Could you be the newest CNA? If you have a track record of significant and impactful contributions to the cloud native community, we invite you to check out the responsibilities and requirements to apply below:

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The Cloud Native Ambassador program will empower an exclusive group of community leaders with support, training, mentorship, guidance, and rewards to

  • Engage and enable our community through stimulating events, content, and mentoring
  • Improve the experience and reduce friction for community members
  • Foster strong community collaboration and relationships
  • Attract and onboard new community members
  • Provide valuable input and feedback to the CNCF about community programs and initiatives
  • Promote cloud native technologies and CNCF projects globally


Program requirements for becoming an official Cloud Native Ambassador are:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Willing to review and sign the Ambassador Standards of Excellence Annually
  • Must participate in at least one of the following areas of expertise:
    • An active contributor to a CNCF project:
    • A SIG or TAG member
    • An active leader in the community with a minimum of 1 year of experience in:
      • Organizing events (virtual/in-person)
        • KCD organizer
        • Cloud Native Community Group organizer
        • Program committee member for a CNCF event
        • Co-chair for CNCF event
      • Speaking at industry or CNCF events about the CNCF or CNCF projects
      • Mentoring (LFX, GSC, or Outreachy – focused on a CNCF project)
      • Creating content (e.g., blogs, videos, etc.- we encourage content to be in the spirit of open source and not behind paywalls)


As a CNA, you are also eligible for Ambassador specific benefits and perks provided by the CNCF, such as:

  • Gain recognition for your expertise and contributions to the community
  • Network with equally passionate Ambassadors globally
  • Receive support, funding, and/or training from the CNCF for hosting events, speaking, creating content, or mentoring others
  • Receive discount codes for you to attend CNCF-sponsored events
  • Partner with CNCF staff to gain insight and provide input to community initiatives
  • Enjoy exclusive benefits, swag, and giveaways

Important Dates

Cloud Native Ambassador Program applications run twice a year. Here is the general schedule for each year:

Important Round DatesH1 ApplicationsH2 Applications
Applications OpenThursday, January 25, 2024August 2024
Applications CloseSunday, March 10, 2024,
11:59 pm PST
September 2024
Application NotificationsApril 2024October 2024
Ambassadors AnnouncedMay 2024November 2024
Ambassadorship Start
First Term Ambassador
April 2024October 2024
Ambassadorship End
First Term Ambassador
April 2025October 2025
Ambassadorship Start
Second Term Ambassador
April 2024October 2024
Ambassadorship End
Second Term Ambassador
April 2026October 2026


Are you interested in becoming an official Cloud Native Ambassador?

Applications are closed for H1 2024. Please check back for H2 2024 applications.

Have a question? Read the Ambassadors Frequently Asked Questions.