Cloud Native Computing Foundation Ambassador

A few years ago, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) launched the Ambassadors Program for individuals who are passionate about cloud native technologies and are actively contributing to CNCF projects.Today, we have more than 50 CNCF Ambassadors from around the world who are involved in the cloud native community.

The main goals of the Ambassadors program are to spread the word around the world on how to join the community and advance adoption of cloud native technologies. CNCF Ambassadors are successful Meetup organizers, public speakers at events (including the industry-leading KubeCon + CloudNativeCon), bloggers, and book writers!

We are excited to have this world-wide group of people with diverse interests, experiences, and technical backgrounds help drive local and global cloud native communities. All the CNCF Ambassadors are listed on the CNCF website, along with their social ID’s which are the best way to reach them.

See the program description at the CNCF website, check out the video interviews with many of our CNCF Ambassadors, or read about them.

Meet the Ambassador: Gianluca Arbezzano
Meet the Ambassador: Baruch Sadogursky
Meet the Ambassador: Ariel Jatib
Meet the Ambassador: Cheryl Hung
Meet the Ambassador: Chris Gaun
Meet the Ambassadors: Kris Nova

Ihor Dvoretskyi; Developer Advocate, Cloud Native Computing Foundation