FAQ for December 2019 TOC Nominations

How many seats?

There are 5 seats to nominate: 3 from the Governing Board (GB), 1 from the end user community, 1 from the maintainers of Graduating + Incubating projects. The GB-elected seats are currently held by Joe Beda, Liz Rice, and Alexis Richardson. The other two seats have newly been added. These are the Selecting Groups and will be voting on the nominees after qualification.

How long do we have?

You have 9 days to be able to nominate candidates from December 12 through December 20th.

We’ve extended the nomination deadline to January 4, 2020 at 12pm Pacific.

How do I get nominated?

If you are a maintainer of a graduated or incubating project, you can self-nominate, as explained below. Otherwise, you can ask a governing board member or end-user representative to nominate you.

The charter (section 6(e)(i)) says: “Each individual in a Selecting Group may nominate up to two (2) people, at most one (1) of whom may be from the same group of Related Companies. Each nominee must agree to participate prior to being added to the nomination list.”

How do maintainers get nominated?

Maintainers self-nominate by sending an email to cncf-maintainer-nomination@lists.cncf.io. They need to be endorsed (prior to the December 20th deadline) by two other maintainers from other projects and other companies (so, each nomination will, including the two endorsements, cover 3 projects and 3 companies). Details are in the new Maintainer Election Policy.

Why is the maintainers process different?

The Governing Board approved this new process to encourage broader representation.

What should go in a nomination?

Section 6(e)(i)(a) of the charter says: “A nomination requires a maximum one (1) page nomination pitch which should include the nominee’s name, contact information and supporting statement identifying the nominee’s experience in CNCF domains.”

Do the GB and End User nominations need endorsements?

Not this election, but if this new endorsements policy works for the maintainer seat, it may be expanded.

What is the evaluation and qualification process?

The Charter (section 6(e)(i)(c)) says: “A minimum of 14 calendar days shall be reserved for an Evaluation Period whereby TOC nominees may be contacted by members of the Governing Board and TOC.” Section 6(e)(ii) says: “After the Evaluation Period, the Governing Board and the TOC members shall vote on each nominee individually to validate that the nominee meets the qualification criteria. A valid vote shall require at least 50% participation. Nominees passing with over 50% shall be Qualified Nominees.”

Is the evaluation and qualification process the same for all nominees?


Who votes?

The Governing Board (GB) will vote for 3 seats, the end user community for 1 seat, and the maintainers of Graduating + Incubating projects for 1 seat. These are the Selecting Groups and will be voting after the qualification process.

Can you tell me more about the end-user community votes?

Each end user member in CNCF has a primary representative that has voting rights.