The Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) is, along with the governing board and the end user community, one of the three core governing bodies of CNCF. It’s charge includes:

The TOC is the technical backbone of the CNCF community, and that’s why we have decided to turn it up to 11. Starting in January 2020, The TOC will expand from 9 members to 11, adding a second end user position and one selected by the project maintainers.

The TOC will consist of:

In addition to the two new members, the governing board has also approved revisions to the current charter, which help to clarify the rules around nomination, qualification, and election.

The next TOC Elections will take place in December, with 3 GB-appointed TOC members up for election. The new end user-appointed member and a maintainer-appointed member will also be elected at this time. All TOC terms will still be 2 years.

The TOC is made up of representatives with impressive technical knowledge and backgrounds who provide technical leadership to the cloud native community. For additional information, please review: the TOC election process, TOC principles, and TOC representatives.