Kubernetes Training Partners (KTP)

Individuals or corporations who are looking for specialized training that maps directly to the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) and Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exams can choose from a list of KTPs who have passed this highly-rigorous qualification process.

If you offer Kubernetes training, find out how to become a Kubernetes Training Partner.

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Volcano Engine China

Volcano Engine (available in mainland China) provides a coherent and systematic framework from the infrastructure OS level, to mid-platform, and end-to-end suites for system orchestration, data integration with various industrialized solutions to help enterprises achieve scalability and business growth in a cloud-native way. Volcano Engine also provides consulting and training services regarding various cloud-native technological integration, application and hands-on knowledge.

TenxCloud China

TenxCloud is a leading enterprise container cloud computing service provider in China, covering the areas such as container PaaS cloud platform, micro-service management, DevOps, development test, AIOps and so on.

Dosec China

As the leader of cloud native security in China and the first cloud native security manufacturer in China to join CNCF, Xiaoyou Technology has a large number of Kubernetes expert lecturers who have passed CKA certification and the most professional container security R&D team in China, providing Kubernetes full life cycle service solutions.

iSoftStone China

iSoftStone provides end-to-end software development and consulting services and solutions for Chinese and global clients.

BoCloud China

BoCloud provides professional cloud computing services for enterprise customers, focusing on PaaS technology.

CARS – China Academy of Railway Sciences China

CARS promotes cloud native best practices in the railway domain, helping make railway information systems development and operation modern and easy. Services around Kubernetes include, but are not limited to, installation, maintenance, service operator development, and training.


Inspur Group supplies computer platforms and solutions for various IT applications in China.

Huawei China

HUAWEI CLOUD provides customers with stable, reliable, secure, and sustainably growing cloud services. It helps large enterprises address challenges in cloud transformation and enables them to take better advantages of potential business opportunities. It also helps small- and medium-sized enterprises expand their business growth and rise to challenges.

HarmonyCloud China

Harmony Cloud operates as a cloud computing startup.

EasyStack China

EasyStack provides open cloud solutions and services for China and Asia market.

DaoCloud China

DaoCloud is an innovative leader in the cloud-native field, being committed to creating an open Cloud OS which enables enterprises to easily carry out digital transformation. DaoCloud provides excellent courses of KCNA, CKAD, CKA and CKS, with the accumulation of cloud-native technology and examination. These courses can train technical experts in digital transformation.

Alauda China

Alauda is a Cloud Native Platform provider at the forefront of empowering Enterprise IT with Continuous Innovation in the Digital Age. We provide Kubernetes training and consulting services with experienced instructors.