We are thrilled to congratulate 34 mentees who have successfully graduated from the LFX Program after working with various CNCF projects over the last three months!    

Mentees had the opportunity to work on many different projects across our Graduated, Incubating, and Sandbox projects including Carvel, CRI-O, Istio, Jaeger, Karmada, Konveyor, OpenCruise, and many many more

Additional details on the CNCF projects, mentors, and mentees who successfully completed the program can be found below and on our website

Mentee profile highlights


I focused on extending KubeArmor’s support to include K0s and Red Hat MicroShift platforms and successfully enabled KubeArmor to secure workloads running on these edge Kubernetes platforms.

Mentee: Anurag Rajawat (Personal blog post about mentorship)

Mentors: Barun Acharya, Ankur Kothiwal, Rudraksh Pareek and Anurag Kumar

“The LFX Mentorship has been a transformative experience, it propelled my growth in both technical skills and soft skills and made be a good engineer.”


Implemented enhanced ArgoCD integration by crafting a custom Lua script that evaluates the health status of OpenKruise workloads. This script was then submitted to the ArgoCD repository. Additionally, improved Helm integration by constructing a job container specifically designed to check the health of OpenKruise workloads during both helm install and upgrade processes”

Mentee: Mahesh Kasbe (Personal blog post about mentorship)

Mentors: Zhen Zhang

“Participating in the LFX Mentorship program has been an enriching and transformative experience, fostering a profound growth journey within the dynamic realm of cloud-native technologies. This program provided an exceptional platform for structured learning, hands-on experience, and meaningful collaboration. The mentorship aspect played a pivotal role in my development, offering invaluable guidance, insights, and encouragement as I navigated through diverse projects and challenges within the CNCF ecosystem. The practical, real-world focus of the program empowered me to expand my skill set, deepen my understanding of cloud-native concepts, and actively contribute to impactful initiatives. Beyond the technical aspects, the mentorship program facilitated extensive networking opportunities, allowing me to forge connections and build relationships within the vibrant CNCF community. Overall, the LFX Mentorship program has not only bolstered my expertise but also ignited a lasting enthusiasm for continuous learning and contribution to the ever-evolving landscape of cloud-native technologies.”


The project was about upgrading the Jaeger-UI’s React codebase to the latest version, i.e., React v18. This includes all of the dependencies like redux, ant-design, query-parser, etc.

The major component of the project was to fix the errors that were raised due to changes in APIs of major packages like react-redux, ant-design library, etc. The codebase of the Jaeger-UI was written about 6-7 years back when there was nothing like React Hooks and functional components. With the React v16 release, things changed a lot and introduced a whole lot of breaking changes.

Ansh Goyal

Mentee: Ansh Goyal (Personal blog post about mentorship)

Mentors: Yuri Shkuro

“It was a great and exciting feeling to start this journey! And here I am, at the end of it, graduating from the LFX Mentorship program, writing this blog. It was wonderful, everything that I expected it to be, and even more so in the 3 months! I would like to express my gratitude to my mentor Yuri Shkuro for being such amazing support throughout the project. Heartfelt thanks to the whole Jaeger Maintainers Team, LFX, and CNCF community as well without whom neither this project nor this program could have been possible.”


In my LFX mentorship, I focused on writing unit tests for the Chaoscenter Authentication Server and Web Interface, ensuring robust functionality and reliability. Additionally, I developed comprehensive documentation for the Chaoscenter REST API, enhancing its accessibility and clarity for future developers.

Magnim Thibaut Freedisch Batale

Mentee: Magnim Thibaut Freedisch Batale (Personal blog post about mentorship)

Mentors: Sayan Mondal and Saranya Jena

“The LFX mentorship program has been the most rewarding experience of my year. It has transformed me from a beginner in open-source to a confident contributor capable of making meaningful improvements. This experience enhanced my technical understanding of writing test cases and helped me get insights on my code. I have learned that anything is achievable with the right amount of energy and time.”


My project involved adding Karmada’s API documentation into the official website. The challenge was to create a script that automatically generates this documentation from the codebase.

Mohammed Affan

Mentee: Mohammed Affan (Personal blog post about mentorship)

Mentors: Zhen Chang

“My journey in the mentorship program was truly amazing. Collaborating with seasoned software engineers provided me with an incredible learning opportunity. Throughout the program, I gained valuable skills such as writing Go scripts and navigating Swagger files using Go. Engaging in meaningful conversations with my mentors further enriched my experience. 

I also got an opportunity to present my solution for adding the API documentation at the Karmada community meeting.”

CRI-O (conmon-rs)

Conmon-rs is a OCI container runtime monitor written in Rust which is to replace the original version of Conmon written in C. My task was to Implement Journald and json based log drivers which will be written in Rust, as the default format of CRI logger was there and we wanted to have logs in different format too.

Illustrator of an individual working on computer

Mentee: Yash Sharma (Personal blog post about mentorship)

Mentors: Peter Hunt, Sascha Grunert

“I am delighted to have successfully completed the LFX Mentorship program. It has been an incredibly rewarding journey that has allowed me to learn many new skills and explore Conmon-rs in depth. Working on Conmon-rs has been especially beneficial in improving my Go-lang and rust skills and becoming more comfortable navigating a large codebase and adding value to it. I am extremely grateful to my mentors Peter Hunt and Sascha Grunert for their invaluable guidance and expertise and supporting me throughout my journey.”


My LFX Mentorship project centered around elevating the LitmusChaos project, an incubating CNCF initiative, by enhancing its litmusctl tool. Over the 12-week program, I meticulously revamped litmusctl’s interactive mode, improved code quality through the implementation of Go interfaces and comprehensive unit tests, and transitioned its dependency from kubectl to client-go. My contributions extended further to increase accessibility, as I added litmusctl to package managers and crafted a comprehensive local development setup guide. This holistic approach not only elevated the usability of litmusctl but also encapsulated my immersive learning journey and collaborative experience within the vibrant LitmusChaos community.

Deep Poharkar

Mentee: Deep Poharkar (Personal blog post about mentorship)

Mentors: Sarthak Jain, Neelanjan Manna, and Saranya Jena

“The LFX Mentorship has been an incredible journey, offering the best learning experience for a newcomer like me. In just three months, I’ve gained invaluable insights into open source, and the time flew by with impactful contributions and newfound knowledge. It’s been an enriching and swift adventure”


Kubernetes uses OpenBuildServices platform to manage and publish its release packages. However, it was dependent on the command line tool ‘osc’ with a lot of manual tasks. The LFX Mentorship project for Kubernetes was focused on building a Golang library and a CLI Tool that will interact with the OpenBuildServies platform to automate these manual tasks such as creating packages, subprojects and so on.

Nitish Kumar

Mentee: Nitish Kumar (Personal blog post about mentorship)

Mentors: Marko Mudrinic, Carlos Panato

“The overall experience with the LFX Mentorship program was very good and I truly enjoyed my time learning and getting involved with the project. The mentors, Marko and Carlos, were very kind enough to guide me along the way wherever I felt difficulty. I’d recommend anyone to go through LFX Mentorship program, it not only teaches you how to write good code, think logically but it also equips you with a lot of great career advice from your mentors that are fruitful for you career especially if you’re just starting out new.”

WasmEdge Runtime

Wasm Runtimes lack AVX and provide limited optimization due to which FFmpeg in pure Wasm is not efficient. To solve this issue, we developed an FFmpeg Plugin in WasmEdge along with Rust SDK. The FFmpeg Plugin offloads computationally intensive tasks to the host system and returns results back to the WasmEdge Runtime. Users interact with Plugin via Rust SDK in Wasm achieving near-native performance while processing media files effortlessly.

Mentee: Hrushikesh Rao Naidnur (Personal blog post about mentorship)

Mentors: Michael Yuan

“I am very lucky to work with experienced mentors. My gained knowledge will undoubtedly benefit me in my future career. I look forward to contributing more to open source projects!”


My LFX Mentorship project centered around advancing the integration of admission control in Kubernetes within the Kyverno project. The primary goal was to complete the implementation of a new admission control feature that would enhance Pod Security Standards. Initially, Kyverno supported the validate.podSecurity rule, allowing users to apply entire Pod Security Standards to selected resources. However, my work focused on refining Kyverno by introducing support for finer-grained exclusions based on restrictedFields and their corresponding excluded values. This not only bolstered the precision and flexibility of the Pod Security Standards but also minimized the attack surface in shared cluster environments, playing a pivotal role in meeting compliance and regulatory requirements. Throughout the 12-week journey, I worked on patching, preparing pull requests for merging, and creating comprehensive documentation, ensuring a resilient and efficient implementation that contributes to the ongoing success of the Kyverno project.

Gurmannat Sohal

Mentee: Gurmannat Sohal (Personal blog post about mentorship)

Mentors: Shuting Zhao

“My LFX Mentorship program experience has been incredibly enriching and transformative. Working on the Kyverno project under the guidance of my mentor, Shuting Zhao, provided me with valuable insights into the intricacies of open source development and Kubernetes. The 12-week journey was filled with challenges that pushed me to expand my technical skills, from writing comprehensive tests to addressing CI test issues. The support and collaboration within the Kyverno community, including the mentor and other project maintainers, fostered a positive atmosphere for learning and growth. The experience not only enhanced my confidence in contributing to a real-world project but also deepened my understanding of the broader open-source ecosystem. I’m grateful for the opportunity and look forward to continuing my journey as an active member of the open-source community.”


My project revolves around making imgpkg comply with the OCI spec for representing OCI image as tar. With this new oci-tar format creation, the project also covers adding the functionality to save as tar as well as push to a registry, along with the option of copying all the refs images as well. Later on, we extended this functionality to kctrl to create the tar version of the package repository instead of pushing the OCI image to the registry.

Ashish Kumar

Mentee: Ashish Kumar (Personal blog post about mentorship)

Mentors: Renu Yarday

“Jumping into the open-source software scene is like diving into a pool of endless possibilities, nothing short of an exhilarating ride and this program definitely did that. With the LFX Mentorship program, the incredible learning experience has improved my skill set as well as refined my developer mindset. It has also given me an irreplaceable experience on how to commit to a project, reflect, iterate and own up your work and have a proactive approach towards it. The support and knowledge of my mentors have propelled me to grow, making me more capable of contributing to the CNCF landscape, which will allow me to make real-world impactful changes.”


During the LFX internship we started enhancing the kUTTL at first but we were facing lot’s of challenges so we started another project in the mid of the LFX and it worked out very well I am now the Code Owner of the Repo and I have decided to work even further after the LFX. I believe what we have done here is great and it really solves a real world problem. Chainsaw, the e2e tool that we created, has already been adopted by Kyverno and various other folks are showing interest right now. It’s like I have started a new journey with the Kyverno-Chainsaw. 

Shubham Gupta

Mentee: Shubham Gupta (Personal blog post about mentorship)

Mentors: Charles-Edouard Brétéché

“LFX Mentorship Program is great for folks that come from a university that doesn’t have any internship programs and really needs this kind of program that could support them. Students get an opportunity to work on a real time project, and the community gets an amazing contributor. It’s a Win-win for the open source community as well as for the students.”

Volcano: Build a new elastic resource quota mechanism in Volcano

Design and implement a new hierarchical elastic resource quota mechanism to support resource lending and borrowing to improve the cluster utilization for multi-tenant environments. 

Zhuoqi Huang

Mentee: Zhuoqi Huang (Personal blog post about mentorship)

Mentors: William Wang

“It’s challenging but rewarding me with a broad investigation in the kube-based batch system and hands on experience”

Full list of mentees 

Mentoring ProjectMentor(s)Mentee
CNCF – Carvel: kctrl to support exporting package repository as tarSoumik Majumder, Renu YardayAshish Kumar
CNCF – CRI-O: Add additional log drivers to conmon-rsPeter Hunt, Sascha GrunertYash Sharma
CNCF – CRI-O: CRI stats KEPPeter Hunt, Sohan Kunkerkar, Sascha GrunertMohamed Abdelfatah
CNCF – Istio: Documentation for Ambient MeshLin SunFaeka Ansari
CNCF – Istio: Implement performance testingLin Sun, Andrea Y MaShuayb popoola
CNCF – Jaeger: Build official support in Jaeger for Elasticsearch 8Yuri ShkuroYashwanth Reddy
CNCF – Jaeger: Combine three distinct graph views in Jaeger UI into oneYuri Shkuro, Yash SharmaPrathamesh Mutkure
CNCF – Jaeger: Upgrade Jaeger UI to the latest version of React.jsYuri ShkuroAnsh Goyal
CNCF – Karmada: Add Karmada API documentation on the websiteZhen Chang, Hongcai RenMohammed Affan
CNCF – Karmada: Karmada supports promote dependent resources automaticallyWei Jiang, Hongcai RenHaiyu Zuo
CNCF – Konveyor: Compile Move2Kube to WASM/WASI and run it in the browserHarikrishnan Balagopal, Mehant KammakomatiPrakhar Agarwal
CNCF – Konveyor: Extend use-case of detecting deprecated Kubernetes API usageEmily McMullan, Jonah Sussman, John MatthewsParthiba Hazra
CNCF – Konveyor: Move2Kube: Advanced Resources support – ArgoCD, Tekton, Stateful Set, etc.Akash Nayak, Harikrishnan BalagopalSoumil Paranjpay
CNCF – Konveyor: Move2Kube: WASM TransformersHarikrishnan Balagopal, Mehant KammakomatiVamsi Satyasi
CNCF – KubeArmor: Extend Support Matrix and Document UsecasesAnurag Kumar, Barun Acharya, Ankur KothiwalAnurag Rajawat
CNCF – KubeEdge: Add case study center in websiteShelley Bao, Fisher XuJingning Du
CNCF – KubeEdge: Support latest version installation demo in killercodaFisher Xusarthak negi
CNCF – Kubernetes: Build a Go library and CLI for interacting with OpenBuildServiceCarlos Panato, Marko MudrinićNitish Kumar
CNCF – Kubescape: Build an admission controller for KubescapeCraig Box, Ben HirschbergAnant Vijay
CNCF – Kubescape: Upgrade the documentation publishing pipeline for Kubescape controlsBen Hirschberg, Craig BoxRohit T
CNCF – Kyverno: Kyverno Kuttl EnhancementsCharles-Edouard BrétéchéShubham Gupta
CNCF – Kyverno: Pod Security Admission Integrations IIShuting ZhaoGurmannat Sohal
CNCF – Kyverno: Policy Exceptions 2.0Jim Bugwadia, Mariam FahmyRakshit Gondwal
CNCF – LitmusChaos: Improve Chaoscenter Web and Authentication Server: Add Unit Test Cases, Enhance GQL APIs, Update API DocumentationSarthak Jain, Neelanjan Manna, Sayan MondalMAGNIM THIBAUT FREEDISCH BATALE
CNCF – LitmusChaos: Improve litmusctl UX and codebase and add new functionalities to litmusctlSaranya Jena, Sayan Mondal, Neelanjan Mannadeep poharkar
CNCF – Meshery: Overhaul UX Design SystemLee Calcote, Ritik SaxenaMilan Saxena
CNCF – Meshery: Package Meshery Catalog Artifacts as OCI ImagesLee Calcote, Uzair ShaikhSenali Dilumika
CNCF – Meshery: WASM-based OPA policy evaluation with RegoLee Calcote, Abhishek KumarAabid Sofi
CNCF – OpenKruise: Integrate Openkruise workload with ArgoCD and HelmZhang zhen, Zhao MingshanMahesh Kasbe
CNCF – Thanos: Implement fan-out query observability in ThanosGiedrius Statkevičius, Saswata MukherjeeA Dattatreya Varma
CNCF – Vitess: Continue the migration to React and enhance existing frontend UIFlorent PoinsardSpandan Barve
CNCF – Volcano: Build a new elastic resource quota mechinism in VolcanoWilliam Wang, Lei Wu (Thor Wu)Zhuoqi Huang
CNCF – WasmEdge: Create a ffmpeg pluginMichael YuanHrushikesh Rao
CNCF – WasmEdge: Create a Rust crate for YOLO modelMichael YuanCharles Schleich