By Ihor Dvoretskyi, Senior Developer Advocate, CNCF

For the fourth year in a row, CNCF will be participating in LFX with a record-breaking 42 project ideas available to mentees. LFX is a platform that enables organizations to offer paid internships and mentorships to developers interested in getting involved in open source projects – offering full-time, three-month internships starting March 1.

18 Graduated, Incubating, and Sandbox projects will be participating and if you are interested in working on one of the below projects (also on GitHub), you can apply directly on the LFX platform by February 13th.     

Mentees will be contacted about the outcome of their application by February 25th. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the Discussions under the CNCF Mentoring GitHub repository.


Visit the LFX Platform to apply to one of the below CNCF projects


Develop new feature and add integration tests for LitmusCTL


Extending kubearmor-cli-tool filtering options

Using mutating webhooks for applying pod/container kubearmor annotations

Chaos Mesh

Interactive Katacoda Playground for Chaos Experiment Examples


Enhance multi-cluster observability

Extend monitoring through VelaQL

Management of Terraform state


Improving the performance of running miniruby

Improving the performance of running rustpython

Enable OpenVINO backend for WASI-NN

Implement typed function references proposal


Extend Kyverno CLI test command for Generate policy rules

e2e tests and CLI tests to cover sample policies

Automate Performance Testing

Security enhancements

OpenTelemetry exporter for Kyverno


Active monitoring of Cross Zone communication

Add status infos in Kubernetes CRDs


Refactor get command to leverage aggregated API

Refactor the scheduler framework

Enhancement for controllers scalability

Dashboard development


Documentation assessment (SIG-Network Gateway API)

Automation of AMI build/test/publish pipelines for Cluster API Provider AWS (CAPA)

Creating Katacoda Scenarios To Help New Contributors ((SIG Contribex: Mentoring Subproject)

This internship involves improving the existing Katacoda scenario and adding new scenarios to further include aspects of contributing such as spinning up a kind cluster with the changes made and testing those changes out. Through the course of this internship, you will also learn how one can contribute to other projects of the Kubernetes community such as the Kubernetes website, and document these processes as Katacoda scenarios to help new contributors get started in their contribution journey.

Kubernetes (SIG Cluster Lifecycle)

Improving unit test coverage(CAPV)

Elekto and Kubernetes SIG-ContribEx

Elections Security Improvements


Add complete parsing support for MySQL functions


Database Connectors

CI and Release process improvements


Plans for Node Group Management

Move edge native k8s api interface GA

Design and add more e2e tests especially for edge scenarios

Updating the kubeedge docs


Run a community Thanos demo instance

OpenTelemetry PHP

Help drive OpenTelemetry PHP to Beta


Add support for new protocols in protocol tracer

Service Mesh Performance

Definition of MeshMark


Service mesh playground

Workflow engine

Service Mesh Interface

Conformance Program