Kubernetes is a platform, and it is often employed to create an Internal Developer Platform (IDP) that removes operational complexities and provides secure self-service opportunities for developers. In this session, Boris Kurktcheiv will introduce the BACK Stack, a composable IDP that utilizes four widely adopted CNCF projects: Backstage (B), a self-service portal to empower developers; Argo CD (A), a GitOps-based continuous delivery tool to streamline software delivery; Crossplane (C), a universal control plane that simplifies self-service infrastructure provisioning through abstractions; and Kyverno (K), a Policy-as-Code tool that proactively detects and prevents misconfigurations. He will delve into the technical requirements to establish an effective IDP and demonstrate how combining these projects results in a robust, open, and extensible platform. This combination will enable developers to ensure consistency and reliability.