Ambassadors FAQs

Why are you refreshing the Ambassador program?

Based on feedback from our community, we decided to revamp the Cloud Native Ambassador program to  provide guidance, ensure standards of professionalism were maintained, and provide additional resources and benefits to enable the success of our dedicated community leaders

What are the goals of the Cloud Native Ambassador program?

The Cloud Native Ambassador program will empower an exclusive group of community leaders with support, training, mentorship, guidance, and rewards.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Similar to our previous program, we have several requirements our applicants will need to meet to be considered to become an Ambassador:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Willing to Annually review and sign the Ambassador Standards of Excellence
  • Applicant must participate in at least one of the following areas of expertise:
    • An active contributor to a CNCF project
    • A SIG or TAG member
    • An active leader in the community with a minimum of 1 year of experience in
      • Organizing events (virtual/in-person)
      • Speaking at events
      • Mentoring others 
      • Creating content (e.g., blogs, videos, etc.)

What if I don’t meet all the requirements, will I still be considered?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to consider an applicant if they don’t meet all the requirements. 

What can I do if I am not eligible this year but want to become eligible?

We recommend getting involved with the community by becoming an active leader through meetups or KCDs, content creation (e.g., blogs, videos, etc.), actively contributing to a CNCF project, or becoming a member of a SIG or TAG group. 

What is the process for becoming an Ambassador?

To become an Ambassador, an individual must review and meet the current requirements and agree to our Ambassador Standards of Excellence. We invite you to submit your application for consideration if you meet the requirements.

What are the responsibilities of an Ambassador?

As a Cloud Native Ambassador, you will be an essential resource to people interested in CNCF and its related projects. We will train you to represent the CNCF best and provide you with the resources to succeed. 

What are the benefits of being a Cloud Native Ambassador (CNA)?

The CNA program offers our Ambassadors a wide array of benefits, including recognition for their expertise and contributions, networking with equally passionate Ambassadors, support with funding or training from the CNCF, discounts to CNCF-sponsored events, and exclusive swag.

Is the Cloud Native Ambassador (CNA) a paid position?

No, the Cloud Native Ambassador is not a paid position. However, CNAs will receive rewards like swag and trainings for their service

Why are there Cloud Native Ambassador Standards of Excellence?

Holding to the industry standard of other similar programs, we decided to implement our Ambassador Standards of Excellence to help provide our Ambassadors with best practices and guidelines when engaging with a global audience. The Standards of Excellence are a mandatory requirement of our program, and we expect all Ambassadors to adhere to these standards.

What if I miss the deadline to apply?

We will have two application seasons for our Cloud Native Ambassador program. The program will accept applications for spring and fall Ambassadors; if you missed the application season, please be on the lookout for the upcoming dates for the next season.

I have been an Ambassador previously; do I need to apply for the new program?

Yes, even if you have been an Ambassador in the past, you will need to apply for the new program.

I applied to be an Ambassador in the past; do I have to re-apply to be considered for the new program?

Yes, we have closed all previous applications and require all interested to re-apply for the new program.

How often can I apply to be an Ambassador?

The Ambassador program will accept applications twice a year, and you can apply during both open seasons. If accepted as an Ambassador, you will not need to re-apply until the following year (spring 2023 Ambassadors will re-apply in spring 2024). We do not limit the number of terms an Ambassador can serve at this time.

Can I update my application after I have submitted it?

Yes, our form can override previous submissions. If you have changes, please resubmit your application before the deadline.

When will I receive notification if I have been accepted?

Spring 2023 Ambassadors will receive notifications in Mid-March 2023.

Fall 2023 Ambassadors will receive notifications in October 2023.

Is there a limit to the number of Ambassadors the program will accept?

We are reviewing all applicants and will be accepting those that are qualified. 

Is there a limit to Ambassadors from one company/region?

We aren’t limiting our selection process to one person from a particular country or region since those applying may provide different skills and abilities to support a more diverse Ambassador program. That said, we will be mindful during the evaluation process that we have balanced our representation.

How long does my ambassadorship last?

All ambassadorships will be a year commitment. An Ambassador accepted in the spring 2023 program will be an Ambassador until spring 2024.

How will I receive acknowledgement of my application status?

All applicants will receive an email about the status of their application. Spring 2023 applicants can expect to receive information in March, and fall 2023 applicants can expect to receive information in October.

Who do I contact with questions?

For questions, please contact the #ambassador-program Slack channel or